You go see the doctor, Dad.

Those were the words of my 3 year old son, Cody. He had asked me if I was ok, as he often does, and I had replied that I had a sore tummy.

Monday, 5th October:

Public holiday. Woke up at 12am with what I thought was a nasty stitch in my side. You know, the kind you get when you go out running. Quite a bit of discomfort but just tried to ignore it. No relief by 5pm so off to the Doctor’s surgery I go with a stern but loving send off from Rachel and Cody. Went to Brookvale medical centre and for the first time in 10 years got a doctor who seemed genuinely interested in treating me. Turns out he is taking an online songwriting course at Berkley University and is a bit of a music/audio nut. We got along great. Doc says I may have Deep Vein Thrombosis due to recent air travel, but since I mentioned I have also been getting a little blood in my bowel movements he refers me to emergency and another specialist.

6pm: I am admitted to Manly hospital, scans are ordered and by 11pm it is determined I have a blood clot on my lungs. I am given blood thinning medication immediately and ordered to stay overnight.


~ by Kristian Anderson on October 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “You go see the doctor, Dad.”

  1. I just lost my cousin and bestfriend a year ago. After reading this I just have this urge to contact you. Please email me. Please. I need you to read some thing that he wrote that has kept me going

  2. Kristian, RIP you truely are an inspiration to many a people. You fought lovingly until the end never once fearful for yourself but for your beautiful family. You are a true Australian legend. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to your wife and children at this devastating time.

  3. RIP Kristian, a true warrior to the end.

    My thoughts to your wife and children at this very sad time.

  4. What a courageous and brave man Kristian was….I viewed the video he made for Rachel’s birthday, it was absolutely breathtaking and had me in tears….I plan to read all the posts in this blog…..
    R.I. P. Kristian, and may God bless your lovely family…..

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