In sickness and in health…

Rachel and I can’t look at each other without bursting into tears. Trying to keep it together in front of the boys is difficult. We don’t want them to detect any upset because there’s no way we can make them understand the gravity of what’s happening. We went to sleep crying and woke up the same way. I felt Rachel put her arms around me during the night… then I felt her body shaking from the tears.

It’s just not real. This is not our life.

I am still struggling to find words to offer up to heaven. The best I can muster right now are not even my own…


~ by Kristian Anderson on October 7, 2009.

One Response to “In sickness and in health…”

  1. I can’t imagine what you’re going through exactly, but what I can feel is how much love you have for each other. This is a blessing that not everyone feels, and you’re very very lucky to feel it. I hope and pray to God that you’ll recover very soon and be able to live without this worry in your life insha’Allah. I’ve only seen your video today, but have been deeply touched by it. In every marriage there are problems, some of us have smaller ones, others bigger, and most of them are a test of faith and love. We too have a problem of our own that not a lot of people could understand, but our love is incredible, just like yours. I sincerely hope that God takes you on the path where you and your family will be together for eternity. Wishing you all the best, and a speedy recovery. stay strong, and keep the faith x

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