Oh Dignity, where art thou?

Friday 9th October:

Back at Manly hospital for the dignity destroying colonoscopy.

9am: All ready to go, something injected into my arm, oxygen mask on… feeling sleepy.

Close eyes.

Open eyes.

Ask when they’re going to get it over with. Nurse says it’s now 10:30am and the ‘procedure’ has been completed successfully.

For all I know I was kidnapped by aliens and probed for an hour and a half before being delivered back to the very same position I was in before the kidnapping. I’m not sore at all so I guess they must have been gentle? Anyway, better to not dwell on that one. Anaesthetic wears off and Rach drives me home. Grateful the hospital is only 10 minutes drive, via Manly beach. At least I have nice scenery while I contemplate my ‘probing’.


~ by Kristian Anderson on October 9, 2009.

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