Blood Brothers

More and more I am learning that this life is not about the things you have or even the things you do.

Pre-cancer I felt I was defined by my job, my skills, and the outcomes they produced for myself, my family or for my clients. I prided myself on being able to deliver, no matter what. I was good at my job. Very good. I surrounded myself with co-workers who were equally as good, or better,  in their area of expertise and by doing so made impossible deadlines without sacrificing quality.

If it’s true that a smart guy knows what he’s dumb at then I was Einstein. I knew my weaknesses and filled them with people who were strong in those areas.

I still believe in excellence and a good work ethic…. but I have realised that life is not what you have or what you do…..that kind of thinking is nothing but a fleeting vanity.

It’s about who walks beside you on your way.

You can surround yourself with all different kinds of people but it’s only when you’re being hammered by the storm that you learn not only what’s inside yourself, but what’s inside those surrounding you.

Like my friend who fasted and prayed for three days immediately after I called him with the news. Or my other friend who said he would fly to Sydney from the other side of the country with him if I needed any help at all. Or my other friend who stays up at night praying for me and my family, asking God how he can help. Or my other friend who came around to our house late at night to pray with us once we got the news, even after he’d had a long day at work. Or my other friend who last night sent me a photo from his studio. He’s working away in the wee hours of the night but right in front of him as he works is a list of things he is asking God for on my behalf.

My family means everything to me. Rachel, Cody and Jakob are my heart and soul. Nothing can ever take their place.

But next to them are my blood brothers from around the country and around the world.

My Generals.

They stand with me and are not afraid to fight in my place.

I am deeply, deeply honoured to have such people in my life. I cannot even begin to describe the intensity of my gratitude.

“……But the stars are burning bright

Like some mystery uncovered

I’ll keep moving through the dark with you in my heart

My Blood Brother.”



~ by Kristian Anderson on November 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Blood Brothers”

  1. I am so thrilled that you have such amazing support from those around you. What a wonderful encouragement and blessing.

    Still praying.

  2. What a blessing to have people in your life that care so deeply and are in the trenches with you. I’m glad that you have a group of guys that are those friends for you. It’s the tough times that we see who those people are. I know that because of how amazing you and Rach are you will have many of those kind of people around.

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