Back in January this year the house next door to us was sold and the family that lived there moved out. The new owner was keen to meet his new neighbours and so on Australia Day he threw a street party. Free Beer, free BBQ and a jumping castle for the kids. The whole street rocked up and for a lot of us it was our first introduction to each other. On that day we met Tony and Brenda and their family from Minnesota in the USA. They were not only new to our street but also to the country. We got talking and it turns out they recently started attending our church too. (That’s what happens in a big church… you often don’t notice new people.) Since that day we have become great friends. Their generosity and hospitality is humbling and we’re truly honoured to call them our friends.

On Friday night we were invited over for Thanksgiving dinner. I wasn’t feeling too flash so Rach went over with the boys. This current round of chemotherapy has been a little more taxing on me than the last one. More nausea and a lot more tiredness, plus it’s been quite hot, so I ended up making an appearance an hour or so later after I’d woken up from a nap. We had a great time and there was some amazing food and a pumpkin pie that was something else… all home cooked.

Tony and Brenda’s family have a tradition of writing in permanent marker on a big white cloth all the things they are thankful for that year and they invited me and Rachel to write on it.

It got me thinking…. what am I thankful for?

I came up with a list a mile long. Rachel, Cody and Jakob were obviously up there on top as well as all of our friends and family who are upholding us in prayer and supporting us with meals and finances.

But ultimately I came to the conclusion that I had so much to be thankful for that I just couldn’t write it all down.

Inside my body is something that has no other purpose but to kill me. It’s called cancer and it’s a really nasty piece of work. But instead of bitching and moaning I find myself waking up every day thankful for one simple fact:

I’m alive.


~ by Kristian Anderson on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Hey Kristian, I thought that I would encourage you. I haven’t met you, and would have no idea who you were if I bumped in to you on the street, but your courage in facing this cancer is incredible and really motivating.
    Life isn’t particularly easy for us either, but our issues are nothing in comparison to what you are going through.

    My mother in law has a little thing on her freezer that I thought I would share with you:


    Cancer is so limited!!

    It cannot cripple love,
    It cannot shatter hope,
    It cannot corrode faith,
    It cannot destroy peace,
    It cannot kill friendship,
    It cannot suppress memories,
    It cannot silence courage,
    It cannot invade the soul,
    It cannot steal eternal life,
    It cannot conquer the spirit.

    I hope you can take something out of that (if you haven’t heard it before) :o)

    And keep up the posts too!! They really are inspiriational.

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