Even cancer gets a Christmas card

Tomorrow I go in for round 5 of my chemotherapy treatment, more blood tests and hopefully, come Thursday… Christmas Eve, more good news.

I’m happy I’m nearing the end of my treatment… for now at least. So far I’ve gone through 200 hours of chemo infusions and I have another 100 to go. Knowing what lies ahead in the immediate 72 hours after the infusion doesn’t fill me with a lot of Christmas cheer but knowing that the cancer is retreating…. well…. there are just no words for that…. even though it means I’ll be not much more than a ghost to my family on Christmas day.

I’ve been working all week, which is great news for our bank account and I’ve had a number of jobs confirmed for 2010 which is great. They will help us get back on our feet financially after all of this is done and dusted.

I don’t have anything terribly inspiring to write this time….. I’ve just been thinking how I’d really like to be able to kick this cancer in the nuts, like physically, for real. And then, when it’s doubled over in agony, a quick knee to the face. Yep…. that should do it.

I hope you all have a beautiful time this Christmas with your families and loved ones, be it white and crisp or blue skies and beaches.

And for the cancer, yes,  even cancer…. here’s my Christmas message to you.

(Feel free to turn it UP and jump around like a madman….. I am.)


~ by Kristian Anderson on December 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Even cancer gets a Christmas card”

  1. Yee Ha!! Go Kris!! Mum and Dad xx

  2. Will be praying for yet more fantastic news on Thursday. Kristian, you ARE an inspiration! May your Christmas with Rach and the boys be blessed in the extreme – will pray for no nausea for you!
    Merry Christmas all of you.

  3. Hi Kristian,
    you don’t know me, my name is Andrea Penman and I’m a doctor friend of Lisa’s with an 8 month old baby boy who’s becoming great buddys with Joe. We did meet once years ago when you were in NZ, pregnant with Cody and Lisa brought you in to the hospital to take a peak with the scanner – I was working that day. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write to introduce myself for ages, just to let you know that my family and I have been praying for you since the day Lisa heard your diagnosis. I suspect there are probably hundreds of others like me out there, anonymously reading your blog, feeling deeply blessed and humbled to be allowed to share in the path that you and your family are walking. We may not be able to be there with you like the “blood brothers” you’ve written of, but just be encouraged in the knowlege that we’re out there, probably many more of us than you will ever know, and we’re praying, and heaven will hear.

    Hope you have a truly blessed Christmas with your beautiful family.
    With love from the Penman family in Auckland

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