Stare the monster down

Today I feel violent.

Not towards any person, but towards my cancer.

If I was on a battlefield I would draw my sword and charge.

I will fight my enemy until I am the only one left standing.

Cancer will die. I will not.

I feel it rising up on the inside of me… like a high pressure gas pipe with nowhere to go but up and out. I can’t explain it but I know this battle is already won. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. There are angel armies lined up behind me to bring down 
the full force of Heaven on cancer’s doorstep.

Come and get some, cancer…. I’m right here. It will be the last thing you ever do.


~ by Kristian Anderson on May 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Stare the monster down”

  1. Them’s fighting words Kristian! You have an awesoem team behind you and beside you….and shining a light before you….go get ’em!!!

  2. ..and I can spell awesome,lol..:)

  3. You can do this Kristian! Remember courage is doing it even when you are scared! Our Lord is with you every step of the way! Together you CAN slay the dragon. When I was dx people would say – it is by your faith you are healed. Well in that case I cried to our Lord “If it is by MY faith then I am going to die.” Our Father showed me that all the woman did was have enough Faith to reach out and touch the Lord that is all we need to do. Reach out to Him and hang on with both hands through the storm. Before I got cancer I trusted the Lord with my life now I trust him with my death. I am just not ready to die YET! You can do this Kristian! You are strong and courageous and when you are weak it is okay coz that is when the Lord is strong! Stare the monster down while in the arms of our Saviour. Love and blessings Ursula Harvey (a fellow fighter – OCCC.)

  4. Is right mate…when ya at your lowest and it seems things can’t get any worse, u just start the new day with 3 words..Bring…it…on.

  5. You can do it Kristian! You are an amazing person, and you continue to inspire me to be a better Christian. You are at the forefront of so many hearts and minds. God will listen to our prayers for you! Much love and blessings to you and your family. Xx

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