Promises Part 2

I just got my blood test results back… they’re not good. They’re not bad either, I suppose. I’m still responding to the treatment, which is good…. just not like I once was. Without speaking to my Oncologist I can’t really explain it to you as I don’t understand it myself. One set of markers has come down by 2% while the other has gone up by 40%. And of course, this is all on different drugs to what I was on previously.

It seems everywhere I turn though, there is encouragement. While my humanity would have me believe that there is much wrong with my current situation (and believe me… it is becoming harder and harder to fight  my humanity), it would appear that God himself has set up a series of ‘road signs’ to keep me going in the right direction. When it would be very easy for me to lose my way, to become blinded by circumstance, He has gone before me and left his own ‘markers’ to make sure I keep going. The right words at the right time do not speak of coincidence to me. They speak of planning, timing, design… and my God is the master designer. Take a look outside your window one day at sunset. Tell me a master artist isn’t at work in that moment.

I have a friend who, in my opinion, is one of the finest examples of the word ‘gentleman’ I have ever met. His intellect is only surpassed by the size of his heart and his ability to show compassion.

He has gently reminded me that even though this walk is frightening, lonely and unsure (from a human perspective), when Christ entered this world as flesh and blood he came with the name ‘Immanuel’.

Matthew 1:23 (New International Version) says:

23“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” — which means, “God with us.”

Christ came to be God with us, entering into our situation with us, so that we’d know we’re never alone, no matter the circumstances.

I have pain in my liver most days. The tumours on the liver press against my abdomen and cause a stitch-like feeling. The abdomen then presses against a nerve that runs up the right side of my body, which shows itself as an aching right shoulder. While I have a constant reminder in my body that there is something that would seek to destroy me and take me away from my wife and children, I also have a constant reminder that God himself walked this earth as a man. He knows pain. He understands sorrow and he knows what it is to face death.

Without wanting to sound melodramatic, so do I.

But his name promises me that he is here, with me.

Every time I call out…. I call out the promise…. reminding myself.


~ by Kristian Anderson on August 16, 2010.

20 Responses to “Promises Part 2”

  1. Hi Kristian,
    It’s funny, this is precisely what we’ve been praying for you lately; that you’ll feel His presence in such a real way, even through the valleys of your walk. There’s a hymn from one of the old Baptist song books (I know it’s probably not your style, but still…) called “I cannot tell”, to the tune of Danny Boy. I sing it to my little boy each night before he goes to sleep, and for the last few months we’ve been singing one of the verses as a prayer for you;
    “I cannot tell how silently he suffered
    As with his peace he graced this place of tears
    Or how his heart upon the cross was broken
    The crown of pain to three and thirty years
    But this I know, he heals the broken hearted
    And stays our sin, and calms our lurking fear
    And lifts the burden from the heavy laden
    For yet the Saviour, Saviour of the world is here.”

    Immanuel – what a promise! Keep calling on it, standing on it, believing on it!
    With love and ongoing prayer…
    Andrea Penman

  2. Blown away by your courage and transparency mate.
    Prayed for you and your family.
    Keep up with the blog – it provides people a great way to know how to pray with and for you guys.

  3. You don’t know me, but I happened upon your blog. I just wanted you to know that someone on the other side of the world is praying for you, your family, friends, doctors and caregivers.

    • I will pray for you and your family. I found your video on FB from a posting by one of my favorite bands, Train. You don’t know me but I am deeply moved by your story. God Bless

  4. I felt very moved by hearing your story. I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through, you are an inspiring person and I pray that you can one day be free from this disease.

    I know you have probably be passed a bunch of BS over the last year, but anything is worth a read?

    I first heard about Dr Hulda Clark about 5 years ago.
    She has a new book available:

    Just when we thought Hulda Clark had already made a lifetime worth of discoveries about the causes and treatments of cancer, her latest book is fresh off the press with a host of new information and treatment methods. As usual, her book is full of charts, diagrams, scientific explanations, and long lists of various kinds. As we have already learned in previous books, cancer may be treated by killing parasites and removing metals and other carcinogenic substances (like isopropyl alcohol, benzene, asbestos, mould, chemicals, dyes, and food contaminants) from the body.

    This book is not about remission, but cure. Dr. Clark says that not only early stages of cancer, but advanced stages, even stages four and five, can be cured with a success rate of 95%.

    Dr. Clark reviews her herbal parasite program, her zapping devices to kill parasites, and her dental clean-up program in this book, and discusses some amazing new material like the use of HCl to kill clostridium species in the mouth, cysteine to clean up the parasite die-off, ozonated oil, and cayenne pepper, inositol, ozonated water and oregano oil to kill the streptococcus bacteria which play a major role in producing pain.

    We learn the science behind tumours, and how they develop and spread with the help of heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites.

    Her recent research has been about eliminating tumours and malignancy, and she has described how you can do this with a 21-Day Program, an exhaustively detailed daily program with high supplementation and other protocols. This program aims to open and detoxify all your tumours. Each high dose day drains one tumour. You assess your results. You keep track of your blood work as you detoxify. The proof that the tumours are gone is seen in your scans. The proof that the toxicity is gone is seen in your blood work. At the end of 21 days you should show improvement and continue the supplements at a reduced level.

    Whole chapters are devoted to educating us how to read our own blood tests and X-rays. Find out what all those strange words and numbers mean which you always thought only the doctor could interpret. There are new recipes for foods, supplements, household products and cosmetics; instructions for enemas and kidney and liver cleanses.

    The second part of the book is devoted to 52 case studies complete with blood tests and X-rays, true stories of how Dr. Clark’s own advanced cancer patients have improved using these methods. Find a cancer story similar to your own or your family member or friend, and see how it works.

  5. You are my hero.. just read some of your blogs. I will pray for you tonight. God bless you and your family x

  6. I just got this sent to me from a friend. I have been striving to get Cyberknife to Australia and helping people get it overseas in the meantime. Perth are installing it in about 18 mths. Malaysia is the destination of choice at present. Cyberknife only takes 1 – 5 treatments, non invasive, no drugs etc. Funding is available also. This is our support site with contacts, details etc. Hope it helps

  7. I just saw the gorgeous video you made for your wife on the news in NZ. Totally inspired by your faith, your courage, and your love for your family. We’re praying for you today!

  8. HI kristian, Just wanted to make contact with you as I want to share with you what I did to recover from bone cancers in 2007 & it could make you feel a whole lot better real fast, you have a beautiful heart & a beautiful family & you deserve to get better fast!!!(I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT OUR BODY’S ARE SMART & ABSOLUTELY KNOW HOW TO HEAL THEMSELVES they just need the right conditions to thrive!!!)in 07 & 08 I had two operations to remove tumours from my bones & then they returned the docs deemed me inoperable & as a last resort in 2009 sent me to the peter mc callum cancer institute in melbourne I was to undergo a chemical drug trial (with some pretty nasty side effects & it would make me sterile) as I was only 27 & had no kids I didn’t want that so I went looking for answers & I found them. Iv gradually improved & got the all clear in my scans 6 months ago. I took Dr hulda clarks 3 harmless common herbs (which kill the human fluke parasite – its the #1 thing present in all cancer patients & the herbs wipe out the parasites + viruses within 24 hrs its like natural chemo without any of the side effects ,these same herbs were once given at 6 monthly check ups to patients in the u.k by docs up until the 1940s but they stopped it & boom the cancer rates skyrocketed) the parasite is very common & sucks the life out of your immune system & allows cancer to flourish. once its gone then your body is no longer under attack & can start the repair & rebuild process (i did this repair & rebuild by drinking lots of live enzyme juice. Carrot,beetroot & wheatgrass mainly – 3 x a day + I also made sure I got enough pure water,undisturbed sleep & 10 mins of sunshine & a bit of lite exercise + I cut down on all nasties. cancer feeds off sugar (working as a plumber I was eating lots of take away food, coke & pies for lunch on the job site) so I had to wean myself off the crap & my taste buds adjusted quickly & I grew to love the juices & now im addicted to the wellbeing feeling I get when I down them…ITS A FACT CANCER CANT SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY & filling up with lots of juice makes your body alkaline & cancer shrivels up & dies…its not rocket science & its not a thing your doctor would probably tell you (mine didn’t tell me & they are not interested in how I fixed myself either) If you already know about these things that’s great !!! (but i feel its wrong not to share my information as It worked for me & I have the scans to prove it I just wish someone told me this stuff back in 2007 then i would not have big scars & bones full of bone cement) If you want to know more please drop me a note as I have of learnt lots of other stuff I can share with you but what I have told you so far I feel was key to my recovery email – (also if you want to try the 3 herbs there are now organic aussie growers & you can get them at 100th of the price of you health food store I can give you the contacts (or i can send you some of mine free if you want to give it a go…i got it in bulk & have lots left so let me know … also the live enzyme juicer that i used is a twin gear that produces living nutrition (the domestic centrifugal juicers just don’t cut it they heat up the veg & kill the nutrition like cooking it) I use the angel juicer (they are not cheap but you can get them on ebay second hand from time to time – If you don’t have the $$$ I would be more than happy to send you mine for as long as you need it & your whole family can juice together everyday & be supper healthy….love to hear from you ,cheers & all the best Neil.

  9. Stay strong! You are amazing!! All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  10. I just had to watch your video again. In many ways, it feels wrong to watch it, because it is such a private doorway. I wonder…is there anything to do to help? Is there a transplant-match to be screened or tested for; anything more to do than pray?

  11. Bravo for this wonderful video and for this fight against the disease!
    I wept!
    Courage and continue to beat you as much as possible, you have my support!

  12. God help you and as you know is with you. I will light a candle and pray for you at mass tomorrow,and the following weeks. Your inner strength amazes me, you have such a great family, and such a big heart.

  13. Hi Kristian,
    please check this page out… it helped me to win in my battle against illness.
    adam from hungary

  14. ….inspirational words – I hope they keep coming for many years. Don’t ever give up or say you’re tired…keep fighting

  15. May God put his hand on you and your family and may you find comfort and peace.

  16. Hello Kristian,

    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 7 months after my one and only child (a girl) was born. That was in June 1997. I was 41. After radiation, chemotherapy and 2 operations I am clear. I am still cancer free 3 years later. Fight the good fight. You have such a strong, wonderful spirit. You are blessed with a beautiful family. As am I. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Kristian your words are so encouraging to anyone going through hard times, whether it be a battle with cancer or a financial one. I believe that Gods hand is in all things and He puts us on a path for a reason, though it is not for us to know the reason, it is our journey and what we ultimately learn on that journey is what God has planned. Keep looking to Him and He will guide your steps and raise you up and heal you too, as long as you believe. God bless.

  18. Was listening to this song last night and after reading your blog I thought back to the lyrics. God really is with us.

    Mountain of God (third day)

    Thought that I was all alone
    Broken and afraid
    But You were there with me
    Yes, You were there with me

    And I didn’t even know
    That I had lost my way
    But You were there with me
    Yes, You were there with me

    ‘Til You opened up my eyes
    I never knew
    That I couldn’t ever make it
    Without You

    Even though the journey’s long
    And I know the road is hard
    Well, the One who’s gone before me
    He will help me carry on
    After all that I’ve been through
    Now I realize the truth
    That I must go through the valley
    To stand upon the mountain of God

    As I travel on the road
    That You have lead me down
    You are here with me
    Yes, You are here with me
    I have need for nothing more
    Oh, now that I have found
    That You are here with me
    Yes, You are here with me

    I confess from time to time
    I lose my way
    But You are always there
    To bring me back again

    Sometimes I think of where it is I’ve come from
    And the things I’ve left behind
    But of all I’ve had, what I possessed
    Nothing can quite compare
    With what’s in front of me
    With what’s in front of me

  19. What an amazing thing to do , and what a truly amazing man you are . Stay strong xxx

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