The past week has been like nothing I have ever experienced.

The only thing I can liken this to is… a tsunami… of care and kind words… from people I have never met… from all over the planet. A lot of you don’t even speak my language. (Thank goodness for online translators!) Nonetheless, you have taken the time to comment or send an email and, in all honesty, most of you have had me in tears. Such kindness from total strangers.

I only ever put Rachel’s video on the web in order to share it with our friends and family. They live so far away and I wanted them to be able to share in Rachel’s birthday in some small way. But then it got a little crazy and, well, here we are.

I have no words to thank you for your support. I’m really at a loss.

Please know that from here on out, the encouragement you have all sent is going to be sorely needed. Things look like they are going to get a lot worse before they start to get better. I’m sorry.

Please keep me in your prayers. Rachel and the boys too. We’re going to need every ounce of strength we can find in the coming months.


~ by Kristian Anderson on September 7, 2010.

66 Responses to “Overwhelmed”

  1. Absolutely..you’ve got it.

  2. Sending you all the strength I can muster. Take care.

  3. Kristian, as I read your post, I was listening to the song “In Your Hands” by Christy Nockels. It’s an amazing healing song and I believe you should give it a listen. I’d send it to you if I could! Here’s her website:
    Maybe someone can grab it for you if you don’t have itunes.
    Praying for you and your precious family!

  4. As things get worse like you say they will, don’t forget you have the prayers of many on yous side in this difficult time. In hope and faith, God be with you. Alan

  5. Re: the Christy Nockels song….
    Silly me……here it is on youtube!

    Hope it touches your spirit like it does mine.

  6. May God bless you, Kristian. I saw your video late on Saturday night and I was in tears within seconds. The more I read of your story, the more I cried. I have two boys the same ages as your own and have been through major medical treatment, so I was able to relate to what you’re going through. I was so relieved to read of your faith. My own faith was so essential throughout my treatment. The sense of peace I was able to find in God when everything around me was so crazy and messed up sustained me through many hurdles. I pray He’ll continue to do the same for you. Hold tight to His promises and trust in the knowledge that He will be sovereign in all things. Our God is an awesome God! He will never fail us.
    “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” -Psalm 37:4
    I will keep you in my prayers daily, Kristian. Bless you!

  7. I’ve just read your blog from start to finish… this latest entry was actually posted while I was reading. I first heard about you when you appeared on the Grill Team last week on Triple M and I don’t know if I’ve ever been so moved by someone’s story or spirit.

    I’m not an overly religious person, I’m still not quite sure what my beliefs are. But i do know that when ever I am in dire need of help or assistance, I find myself talking and praying to God. Your unwavering faith and belief is absolutely awe inspiring. I feel blessed to have been driving to work and listening to The Grill Team at the time you and Rachel were on, and then finding your blog.

    I will be thinking of, and praying for you and your beautiful family.

    I wish i could say more… but there are simply no words that would do justice to how your story and blog made me feel, and how strongly I am hoping and praying for you guys.

    Much love xxx

  8. My classes are praying for you. Love believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Thinking of you and your family.

  9. Sending all the strength we can.Hang in there

  10. Can I say what an inspiration you have become to me, your positive, genuine and caring nature and the obvious love you have for your wife and sons warmed my heart. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    xxxxxx sue

  11. It is a very difficult time for you and my heart goes out to you and your family at this time. It is also hard to fathom what you are experiencing and why life deals us the hands it does. All I can say to you is to keep fighting this because the world needs beautiful men like you in it.

  12. Sending all the strength and prayers from our family to yours.
    I have 3 kids and we sat and talked about you and your story after seeing your video on the news. It is important for kids sometimes to hear stories of other families who have not got the health or fortunes that they do so that they have an appreciation for the life they live.
    I know that we will follow your story and will pray for you and my kids have promised to light a candle at Mass each weekend for you, your wife and especially your two little boys,
    All our love,

  13. Don’t be sorry!!!!! You are doing every possible thing in your power to beat this cancer. How it responds is, sadly, out of your hands and definitely not something you need to be “sorry” to anyone for!
    But… it’s in our Lord’s hands, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of us around the world praying to Him for you and your family. He is using you mightily through this struggle, terrible though it is. Take strength from wherever you can find it and keep fighting on.
    With Love,
    Andrea Penman

  14. Sending you our love and good thoughts. My husband has the same cancer as you diagnosed in August 2009. His is also in the liver with suspect fluid in the peritoneium. He has been on the same treatmets as you, 6 months on Avistan and Folfox 5 then 6 months on Xeloda and Avistan but this has just been stopped as he had hardly any skin left on his hands and feet. He has gone back on intravenous chemo today through a port with Avistan and Folfiri with a pump attached for 2 days. We had forgotten how awful it made him feel.We share your pain and hopefully can share your pleasures as well.
    Take care

  15. Thinking of you and your beautiful family now and always.
    You have a hard fight ahead of you but know that we are all with you in that fight.With our love and prayers
    with love

  16. Spent hours reading your blog and have subscribed after seeing your video to Rachel – will certainly keep all of you in my thoughts.
    Love from Canada,

  17. Hi Kristian,

    I caught you and your wife on the morning shows in Sydney. The YouTube video that you made was beautiful. You have a wonderful family.

    Pls contact me. I want to help you so that you can continue to spend many long, happy years with your family.

  18. You are really being lifted up to our Lord Kristian and Rachel and the Lord hears our prayers! It is time for His miracle! We love you, Bill & Kari

  19. Hi Kristian,
    It’s difficult to write to someone whom I have never met, whose experience I cannot understand and whose burden I cannot share. I can think of little words to describe how beautiful your video was and how obviously immense your love is for your wife and gorgeous children. I cannot express words that you have not already heard, but express to you that you have my thoughts, my best wishes, and the hope and love of a complete stranger.
    Keep strong and stay positive.
    Your new friend,
    Ben – Australia

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Gandhi

  20. My family and work mates are all praying for you and wonderful family. May God keep you safe and may you find the strength within to fight hard. Good luck!
    With Love,

  21. Sending u my best energy. i dont know how exactly to pray, but i believe putting my mind, mi heart and my energy on u and your family. Keep up. Saludos, desde Buenos Aires

  22. Dont you dare give up Kristian, you have the whole world rooting for you know.

    Stay strong

    love to you and your family

  23. Kristian, you are a tonic to the World. Let us repay your amazing qualities with all the prayers we can muster.

    My Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, stay strong and stay positive.

  24. Kristian;
    You’re in my thoughts every day, as are Rachel and your boys. I’ll continue to send good and positive thoughts your way.

  25. I have something I’d like to share with your family. If it would be okay, please email me, and I can send it to you. It’s nothing extravagant…

    I was talking to a friend today about the idea that the stars we see in the sky each night are not really there…that the light is already gone. I told my friend that I’ve always thought, when it comes to that, that scientists are full of it. There is just no way no how that light isn’t real. Then I thought about your quote, “There is a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in.” Light and life are in places we never could have imagined. The light and life that the gift you made for your wife has brought to my life fills my heart. I can’t imagine that you and your family understand all that you have given to others without ever intending to. I can imagine that it is not fun to suddenly be thrown into a bunch of strangers loving all of you from a distance, but that is what true, genuine love does…your gift was meant so simply and beautifully for one, but it has and will touch so many. You wouldn’t have been able to do it, if you didn’t have such love, I believe. Thank you for still allowing those of us who don’t know-know your family to be inspired by you. Truly…thank you. I hope that one day I love in a way that opens the hearts of complete strangers, the way that your family loves.

  26. To Kristian, Rachel & their little boys, i’ve just watched the birthday on Sky News, here in Manchester England & found your blog thanks to google ! Anyway, i just wanted to send my best wishes & to let you know that you are a great looking family & god willing you have many many more years of happiness left in you yet !! Goodluck Kristian & regards to the birthday girl & your 2 kids x

  27. Dear Kristian and family,

    I just watched your video and it left me crying, such a beautiful gest to your wife!
    I hope you will have many many more years with your lovely family. I wish you the strength to pull through this, you have the support of people that love you to help you and people all over the world who are praying for you, including me!

    Best wishes from Sweden from Sonja and family

  28. Best wishes to you and your family from Scotland. Keep on living strong fella.

  29. My little girl starts school next week and I have had the cheek to be wallowing in worry and fear. I watched your video for Rachel and the world came crashing together in a moment of clarity. Your kids are beautiful. My prayers are with you.

  30. To some this is your story, to you and your family this is your life. It is both heart breaking and inspirational. You, your wife, children and family will be in our prayers.

  31. Prayers to you all, keep going even thro the dark days you are an inspiration to soooo many, more then you will ever know.

  32. i am so sorry you and your family are suffering in this way and will be praying ferverently (is that how you spell it?) for you all. the love you share is so beautiful and strong i wish i could experience just a little of something like that in my life. you are an inspiration. thank you for sharing. god bless you all xx

  33. Saw your vidoe on Sky News in England, what a magical thing! Sorry, your are suffering- I’ve been through serious illness myself and I know how it flips your life over- you and your family are in our prayers 🙂

  34. Weird how these these youtube clips get around, was ‘led’ to it via a friend on Facebook (not sure how many other websites will get plugged in this reply). I wish you and your family and friends all the very best as you fight this battle. As others have said your comments and outlook are inspirational. No-one should have to go through what you are going through. Your video was amazing, you have something so beautiful in your wife and boys and to be able to demonstrate that love so simply was genius. Good luck.

  35. I wish you all the best in your fight against cancer, I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. Thank you also for making me remember so much about life and love and how to appreciate every moment with my wife and daughter. Good Luck and godspeed on your journey too a full recovery!
    Humbly yours

  36. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your precios video with us xox

  37. Hi

    I just wanted to say how moved we were to see your Birthday Video for Rachel on Sky News today.
    Words cant say how we felt and I want you to know we are praying for you and send our love

    Mark and Matt – London

  38. Oh that we could all experience the love that you have for your wife. The video was beautiful.
    Be strong and stay positive through your treatment.
    It is a long and difficult road.

  39. I was watching Greta van Sustern’s show on Fox TV, and your video was highlighted as a must see. After viewing it on youtube, I still tear up just thinking about it. The look on your face spoke volumes about how much love you feel. It is so heartwarming to know that in this crazy world, husbands still are out there that can feel that way about their wives. You are so very fortunate to have so much love in your life…that is the miracle that you can focus on. Cancer isn’t the ruler of your life- love is.

  40. I look at your situation from the viewpoint of a child who lost her mother at the age of 8, I truly hope that you get to make all of your recent wishes come true, but know this – should the worst happen, never ever fear that you will be forgot, or that the love of your family will diminish,25 years later on the love my mother and i had together remains fierce, it keeps me honest and without reason…it never lets me give up hope in my life.

    Love doesn’t die – in fact it creates its own its ups and downs for those that you leave behind in much the same way you do personally when you’re about, but believe me when I say it doesn’t die, and it doesn’t recede.

    Remember that you are loved, and do not let the fight destroy the beauty in things, I truly hope it brings out the colour instead.
    The inspiration you have created already is deserving of great rewards, I hope they find you in this life…much…much later on.

    Good luck

  41. You are such a swine – how on earth are the rest of us going to get away with a bunch of flowers from the petrol station for our girlfriends birthday now eh?! Here’s hoping you get to do all the things you wish for and somehow show the rest of us up for many years to come. The world needs men like you.

  42. We too will be praying for you all.

  43. What a beautiful video…
    Shame you dont drink, movin to Sydney in October, would have loved to buy you a beer!!
    Best of luck from Scotland.

  44. Hey – just watched your video and just wanted to wish you and your family the very best of luck for the future. I’m sure the whole world will be thinking the same too and will all be praying for the best outcome for you all. Good luck and God bless. Liz (UK)

  45. As a cancer survivor myself for over 20 years…stay strong. It can…and WILL…be beaten. You have my prayers and best wishes.

  46. What a beautiful birthday present, Rachel is a lucky girl! We are praying for your health.

  47. Today I saw that video on the Czech internet. So I think that’s succes. Sorry for my English, if you see some mistakes in this text. Rachel can be happy woman. Jane from Czech republic.

    P.S. Good luck to you.

  48. I am utterly speechless – thank you so much for sharing your journey on this blog. My mom is going through cancer right now and unfortunately, in the midst of treatment, she and my dad are getting divorced. The love you have (and SHOW!!) for your wife is so beautiful. SO beautiful. I wish you peace and health in the difficult time you are facing.

    Best wishes from Philadelphia, PA


  49. praying for you in Texas. Love your video … truly touching. ❤

  50. As I read your blog I can’t help but wish that you receive what you have given all of us who have seen your video……love, health, happiness, peace, joy, determination and above all else grace as you face the most difficult time of your life. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers and am sending you best wishes from Vancouver Island, Canada

  51. what a beautiful video and a beautiful family. hoping your love for each other continues to sustain you through the difficult times ahead. many prayers from brooklyn, ny.

  52. thinking of you. I saw your video on French TV . Best wishes, Delphine from FRANCE

  53. I am really touched by your dedication for your wife. God bless and have a speedy recovery.

  54. Your video is such a fabulous present to your ever supportive wife. I was in tears watching it. Since then I have read through your blog and your story has touched my heart.
    I pray for you & your family daily & I send you all the strenght to get through this terrible illness.
    Love & blessings, grá & beannacht from Ireland

  55. I think you are amazing. Love and will to fight this is half the battle. I was in tears watching your birthday message to Rachel.
    I don’t know what to say but please know, I will light a candle at mass tomorrow for you and that you beat this. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love from Fiona in Dublin Ireland.

  56. I am praying for you and your family.

  57. Hi to the most amazing family I have ever read about, I wish you all the best for the future, stay positive mate, watched your video. Your certainly one in a million. My prayers and thoughts are with you, take care, stay strong. You truely have touched my heart. oh yeah..u have 2 gorgeous kids and a wife that needs you forever, stay positive always
    Love Noeleen from Brisbane

  58. I just wanted to say that you do not ever have to say thankyou to me because just having you live on is all the thanks i would ever need. prayers and peace be with you and your family Love Sheldon Loeb of Canada

  59. I saw your bday video today on Facebook. It made me go into my ugly cry. I logged into your blog, and haven’t left. Reading your journey, feeling your strength, admiring your love, and sharing in your faith and full belief in your healing. You HAVE BEEN healed. I love your words ‘ When your body shows what your heart already sees’. Amen to that.
    Thank you for this blog, you have given me a deeper understanding of what my sons best friend has gone through. He is now cancer free and is on his way , doing great things to bring glory to His name. Just as you.

    Know that with the ‘publicity’ of your journey, you humble prayer of ‘God,Help.’, the roar from the same words mouthed by your friends, is being echoed and amplified before the Lord by those far away reading your story. As His children, we can go BOLDLY before the throne and make our requests known. Know that there are so many of us interceding on your behalf. When your strength is diminished, we will hold up your arms, like Aaron did for Moses. Let the prayers of others see you through. You are loved.

  60. I am so sorry you folks have gone through this, I really believe there are cures, seek them out. Search the internet for Rick Simpson, Granny Storm Crow and read what they have to say about cancer.

    God Bless you and your family, wonderful birthday video, loved it. I hope you seek out these names and do alot of reading, good information out there that has been supressed, go information age.

  61. Kristian, your video touched the hearts of many people, enough for them to offer you support at your time of need, this is a wonderful thing. I think about you and your family every day and add my prayers to the whole, as I experience, every little helps… I too am undergoing treatment for Colon cancer stage 4 with a secondary tumour in the Liver. This year I have had a bowel resection, chemotherapy and a Liver resection 3 weeks ago. In a few weeks time I will be on chemotherapy again. I have a support group on Facebook I’d love you to join, just to have you there. There are several group members who are working through this cancer and one who has been clear of bowel cancer with secondaries in the Liver, for 3 years now. Please watch my short Video on youtube which gives the details of the group at the end. All my best to you during your treatment, and your lovely family, how you will have all changed through this experience,…. Kindest, Judith McGuinness (UK) here is the link:

  62. Kristian, I dont have the words that flow like those in your Blog. However, since seeing Rachels Birthday Video, you have not left the mind of mine or my wifes. I pray for you everyday. By Gods will Be well. David.

  63. Tuning in and praying along with so many certainly can’t hurt. September 23 (Padre Pio’s Feast Day) Medjugorje visionaries Ivan and Marija will be streamed live in English at http://www.marytv.tv from Cardinal Schoenborn’s Cathedral, St. Stephens in Vienna. Miracles DO happen, keep the faith!!

  64. So many people have been healed in Medjugorje. You have people praying for you all over the world. You could be an incredible witness for all the people supporting you and at a time in the world where we need to see more miracles. Go to Medjugorje if you can!

  65. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I can only imagine what it must be like for you and your family. We don’t know God’s plan, but I pray he will heal you from this horrible disease. Amen

  66. Hi Krristian, my heart goes out to you and your family. I have and still am going througha battle with my 24 year old daughter who has tongue caner. She just lost 80% of her tongue and had to have it rebuilt with a free flap off her left arm which was then skin grafted from her groin, she was also cut from under her left ear to the middle of her neck to remove all tumors, then a treachea put in to breathe for her, this was done during a mammoth 16 hour operation. Two weeks after all this she was then fitted with a PEG which has been feeding her for the last 4 months an will do for probably another 2 – 3 months. Like you Tegan has a wonderful partner and two beautiful girls, Isabella just turned 5 in Sept and Holly will be 3 in Nov. Tegan has beenan ispiration to all of us through out this, she has so strong and never complained about anything. She has just completed 30 rounds of Radiation, which was everyday for 6 weeks and 2 rounds of chemo. Tegan just saw the doctors today and they are really happy with her progress. She does not have to go back for 6 weeks and they will then decide if she needs snymore treatment or scans. I wish you and all your family and friends the best, because without them I don’t know where I would have ended up. As a parent it is one of the hardest things I have every had to deal with. Love Toni

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