SIRT – Part 3

The procedure went well.


It wasn’t as uncomfortable (or as long) as the trial, though it was still weird feeling the catheter creeping through my body.

Having met everyone the week before made things so much easier when it came time for the real thing. It was like meeting friends. Lots of hello’s and a few jokes from Dave again.

The hardest part was the 36 hours afterwards. The Doctor warned me I’d be in for “a rough night”, but nothing prepared me for the level of pain that came during that time. Unfortunately I had only been given Panadeine Forte to assist with pain management. With this level of pain the Panadeine was like a lolly and did absolutely nothing.

(Note to self: Next time ask for narcotic based pain killlers).

I was radioactive for a week afterwards and was not allowed to sleep in the same bed as Rachel or get too close to the boys. Thankfully our friends, Tony and Brenda, provided me with a spare room in their house which is only over the road from where we live.

Presently I am still recovering and will be for the next few weeks.

Very small attention span (hence the shorthand form of this update) and absolute exhaustion by about midday each day.

I sleep. Then I sleep some more. The next day I do it all over again.

Now we wait…. 3 months…. for results.

Here’s some pics in case anyone was curious.


~ by Kristian Anderson on November 16, 2010.

24 Responses to “SIRT – Part 3”

  1. Kristian you rock, hang in there xx

  2. Stay strong we are all praying for you,hope you start to feel better soon


  3. Stay Strong.I hope this procedure works and you do not have to repeat it

  4. Sending you love and strength.

  5. Kristian,

    Rest and let your body recover fully. Remember that you have angels by your side fighting for you. Healing thoughts sent to you everyday.

  6. still praying

  7. Hi, I start this post as many others have done…’I don’t know you, but…’ and it’s true. I don’t know you BUT I so very much wish you and your family all the best. Pray that you will feel God even through the darkest times (from experience it seems to me that’s when He is closest and…even if it’s hard to see…eventually shines the brightest light). I’ve not been down the path you’re on, so have no pearls of wisdom to impart. I don’t even know why this happens to good people. All I know is that being ‘good’ or ‘Christian’ doesn’t mean we don’t suffer, or are immune from illness and disease… it kinda means we have something (or someone) else to lean on when we need it most…and that our life is a testimony to faith, hope, grace and love. And, if we let it, shows us and others to the one who through it all sustains us. Beyond our understanding. Will continue to read your blog..wait for updates…and uphold your family in prayer.

  8. we continue to pray for you all,

  9. Wonderful news that it went well, still sending prayers your way.

  10. Rest in His arms. Your prayer warriors are here! Hugs, Bill & Kari

  11. Thanks for making the effort to post, I know I am only one of many who check your site daily for news :o)
    God Bless, Kia kaha

  12. Wonderful news…..continue to rest, rest, rest and let God do the healing work……I am lifting you up in prayer every night.

  13. Thanks for the update when you are so tired! Sending prayers for energy and healing all the way from Tacoma, Washington.

  14. Kristian your courage amazes me every time I read one of your up dates. I started reading your blog after your video to your wife went viral on the net. You are an insperation to everyone and I pray for god to give you strength everyday. Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date. I follow your blog and am truly inspired by your honesty and your fighting spirit. Hang in there! Debbie – South Africa…

  16. Praying for you and your family.

  17. Fingers crossed this procedure went well and the results are good.
    Be strong.

  18. je penserai à vous tout au long de ces trois mois!
    courage et merci pour ce “partage”.
    je suis encore toute “émue” apres avoir vu votre vidéo…

  19. hi it will be a long 3 months I notice your last post was 16/11 I had my first colonoscopy since diagnosis and surgery (2008) on the 17/11 and am all clear I am praying for the same result for your in the future sending lots of hugs and positive vibes …Kim

  20. Sending you so much love, you are so brave – it’s working hard, you know it is. Rest up. x

  21. I just heard of your wonderful experience with Oprah – I hope the money helps out your family and at least relieves some of the stress your illness is causing. Our thoughts are with you.

  22. Hi Kristian,

    I just came accross your storey.I know exactly what you are going through and are going through.I have had bowel cancer and was diagnosed at 41 with 2 young children.I had surgery and chemo in 2004/2005.I know what it does to you physically and mentally.If you need someone to talk to drop me a line.You will win.Live strong. Sydney

  23. Kristian, your appearance on Oprah touched a harmonic in me and spoke to the dedication of my dearest friends. Sirtex has had US insurer resistance, it is Australian afterall. Feb 5 our group travels to DC to lobby. You are so busy,,,,,I humbly suggest you look at the site. I personally would be overjoyed if I could email you my story one day.

  24. have been meaning to contact you for months. My husband Craig is going through the same as Kristian. He was diaognised in June 2010, had 5 months of chemo, bowel op in Jan 2011, and next monday will have his first sirtec treatment, we have 3 children under 10 and are familiar with your story. We continue to battle on, we will do whatever we can to keep him here longer for the kids. Wishing you our best wishes.

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