One Day.

This is why I do it…

Cody, Jakob…. Daddy thinks the world of you both. One day you’ll understand it all.


~ by Kristian Anderson on August 5, 2011.

28 Responses to “One Day.”

  1. Joyful boys…loved it – my baby boys are now 20 and 22, this seems like just yesterday, I miss those days! Thank you for sharing…

  2. Beautiful! I love the view of Mummy sitting on the step just watching. You can see she is drinking in the moment.

    It is my birthday today. I have a friend in Germany at present having ‘experimental’ treatment for her metastatic cancer which she has been told is terminal. But like you, she’s fighting with everything she’s got.

    Experiences like yours, and hers, have proven to me that the ability of being able to blow out candles yet once more is such a precious gift. And I don’t take it for granted.

    God Bless you, your family and all those fighting for life.

  3. Truly breathtaking……what precious angels – you can see some of your determination in their eyes……keep on keeping on dear one.
    North Carolina Grandma with non hodgkins lymphona

  4. You had me at Nik Kershaw – beautiful job Kris. Keep your head up, eyes on the prize. We’re so totally with you.

  5. all times are special with you children… Love is why we do it all… its a beautiful thing and when your children are old enough they will understand all you have gone through and conbtinue going through is for them… ( and your wife )My friend if I could do it I would switch bodies with you so you would be able to spend all your time with them all…. love and prayers to you 🙂

  6. Cute kids Kristian, they look like you =)

  7. Contemplating your journey is just so difficult for me, so being on the road you are on, I can’t begin to imagine. But I am praying that you get to see your kids grow up. They deserve to share what a special man, a special human being you are. I get why you do it. Keep calm, and carry on.

  8. Pretty awesome!!!!

  9. Gorgeous boys. And what gorgeous moments to capture – I love the looks of glee on their faces as they rode down the driveway!


  10. My, how they’ve grown in the year since your birthday video to Rachel! I hope that you don’t make us wait another year before we see them again! Kids grow up wayyyy too fast! The beach scenes were beautiful as well. That’s an awesome camera you have, and you did an excellent job of editing.

  11. In your last post you said, “I want to do something great with my life.” Oh, wow, you have. Your boys are so beautiful.

  12. Beautiful

  13. Two beautiful little boys with beautiful parents. Take care.

  14. Amazingly beautiful!

  15. amazing video! beautiful boys!


  16. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful boys you and Rachel have. Still praying here in Alabama!

  17. My boyfriend bought tickets for my birthday to see Train at the Indiana State fair. Many times yesterday I thought about the video you made for Rachel’s birthday. I pray you and your family.

  18. Your boys are beautiful Christian, God Bless you all. Every moment together is to be treasured. May our Blessed Lord give you strength & courage as you fight this beast.


  19. Dear Kristian, whatever happens down the road, you’ve already acomplished a LOT as both a Man and as a father. Your kids will always be very proud of their daddy.
    Keep hangin’on!

  20. Fantastic! I got such a buzz when my daughter first learnt to ride her big bicycle. It is heart warming. 🙂

  21. Just look at the great things you’ve done with your life Kristian. The smile on those boys faces are great. Here’s too millions more great things from you!!!

  22. Gorgeous boys, praying for your family…..

  23. In this face of hardship, there is always a blessing. Spending and appreciating the intimate time with your beautiful sons and your family is the blessing (in my eyes). Perhaps you have found much more…I hope so. Keep fighting,
    With prayers coming from Canada-eh!!!!

  24. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder of how special our children are. I’m going to give my little boys (ages 5 and 21 months) an extra hug tonight! Still praying……

  25. Wow, you must be so proud of the happy boys you both have!
    You have done something great…..the greatness of the love of your wife, family and friends and the creation of such gorgeous little boys.
    I would also like to say Kristian that you are teaching people to live… You are a gentle reminder that even the basic things that slip by in our daily lives, we should be grateful for and not take for granted. I really thank you for helping us see that. You are an amazing man! You have a such strength, one that is strengthened by the love and prayers of your family and of the world…..not many people can achieve that in a lifetime.
    Lot of love from the Haley Family.
    PS: On a lighter note: Sorry Kristian about the loss of the Wallabies to the All Blacks the other day…I bet Rachel was as happy as I was. (From one Kiwi wife of an Australian to another)!

  26. In a time where Christ is so needed, the struggle you are enduring testifies of Him. It makes our Saviour approachable by those who would otherwise find God to unnatural. It gives Him a face and a heart for His people. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper not to harm you” how can illness not suck, but oh how one mans struggle has touched all our lives. My baby sister walked down the aisle to the song you played for Rachel, but not before they all saw your version and felt the presence of the Lord in your life. Much love and blessing to you, the good Lord strengthen you and your dearest in Christs precious name, just one prayer in a huge sea of them.

  27. My Daughter has just emailed me this link, I cannot reads tonight as I also am very ill. I am fighting a disease that will end my life at a fairly young age (51) there are no drugs and the drugs that are there are borrowed from transplant area’s, so I am a guinea pig, but grateful for any time given to me. The other disease I have – Pulmonary Hypertension is a disease where big attempts were and are being made to get drugs through PBS. Before this people were left to die with this disease, some remortgaged homes and are still paying off the mortgages today long after their sons and daughters have passed on. The fight too late for them but now helping others. PBS (Australia)needs a massive shake up, the system stinks.
    Tomorrow after a good nights sleep, after the sun shines through my window, I will know that this is another day for me – I will read this blog from beginning to end, maybe I should consider doing this also.
    Night Night

  28. What a beautiful video. The smiles on your boys’ faces me smile also.

    Thinking of you always and wishing you and your family well.

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