The Final Call

The following is Kristian’s final blog, posted after his death. It was posted by his wife, Rachel after he had an inkling it was his time to go.

How the light gets in.

As I mentioned at the start of this journey it’s a Leonard Cohen lyric. The truth being we’re all broken, we’re all cracked and what so many people see as a fault or a malfunction really is something to be considered useful. I’m not sure how much longer I have left but it appears that the physical and medical signs are all pointing to my end.

And, what a great time to go, right at Christmas-time.

Just wonderful.

The time my Saviour was brought into the world is the very same time he decides to call me home. The irony is astounding.

While I struggle to find any logical rhyme or reason in all of this my commitment to following Him has not changed. People look at me like I’m crazy. How can I trust God to deliver me from this madness, when this madness means losing my wife and two beautiful children? And the answer is, I simply don’t know.

It’s the light that permeates the brokenness. It’s the light that the three wise men followed that night when Christ was born. It’s the light that just came to be when God said: “let there be light” on the first day of creation. It’s unexplainable. And as I said before even though it makes no sense, I will follow it until my very end.

It’s the light that shines for every man and woman, and thankfully it shines for me, lest I be lost in the darkness that surrounds me without it.

Thank you for journeying with me this far. I pray you find the same peace I have.

Kristian went to Heaven on 2nd of January 2012, just after 8am at Manly Hospital. His passing was truly peaceful and he had a tear in his eye as he left, and I have no doubt that he was looking on the face of Jesus.

Please check twitter @rachelacj or @krisPA for funeral details and times. We are also planning to have the funeral webcast live for those who are unable to attend.


~ by Kristian Anderson on January 2, 2012.

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  1. God bless Kriistians family- My heartfelt sympathy. He will be missed by so many people who’s lives he has touched.

  2. I’m so sorry Rachel.
    Thinking of you and your boys,

  3. Praying for you all. I have followed this blog since the beginning. I have cried & rejoiced with you all. And now while my heart is breaking for your loss, I am so very excited to hear Kristian is with the Savior he talked about so often. Many prayers & blessings to Rachel, the boys and the rest of the family.

  4. Praise God for the hppe we all can have. That like Kristian we can die peacefully knowing we will wake in the arms of Jesus.

  5. God bless you, Rachel. Praying that Kristian graces you and the boys each day with his heavenly light.

  6. I will always be thankful to have found this blog, and that I had a chance to “know” Kristian. I lost my dad two years ago to cancer, and so many of the things Kristian wrote challenged me and gave me peace. When we walk in the valley of the shadow of death it is so easy to lose sight of the light Kristian talks about. It is so easy to let go of our faith when fear and pain has a grip on us. Kristian held on with everything in him and his faith has touched my life and changed how I see things that have happened in my own life.

    I won’t forget him, and I won’t forget his family. In the days to come I pray that God will lift you with His strength and hold you with His love. I pray that He will surround you with people who will comfort and encourage you. I pray that you will find peace and rest in God’s faithfulness and love for all of you.

  7. I’m so terribly saddened at this news, but so glad he is no longer tormented by his illness. He is truly healed…..completely restored. Hallelujah. God bless you as you grieve your loss. May the God of all comfort hold you and your family close and confirm once again, His unfailing grace, mercy and love.

    Precious in the sight of the LORD
    Is the death of His godly ones. (Psalm 116:15 NASB)

  8. Prayers of comfort & peace to your family during this time & the days that will follow, even years down the road, where they will miss you terribly. May that pain that is caused when you miss someone you love so incredibly much be eased, may they feel you present to them & may they always have light even in the darkest of times. As for you Kristian, though this post made me cry, knowing you are no longer physically with your family, may you bask in the light of Him. For now you understand the madness and the craziness and are truly at peace, truly enveloped in love, and are part of that very light.

  9. I pray for your husband, you and the boys. What a lovely man. I am so sorry. He was one of a kind. When you are able to, please let us know how your g=family grows. I wlll always keep all of you in my prayers.

  10. Rest in peace kristian. May you find a place to rest up high with god, whilst watching over your angels below.
    I will take your stories, words and wisdom with me for life.
    Your journey has touched me in a way that nothing else could.
    I send my love and prayers to your loved ones.

  11. Kristians love for the Lord shone through all his blogs, now his faith is sight- what a tremendous blessing that is.. For Rachel knowing one day she will see her husband again.. Our heartfelt prayers are with Rachel and the boys.. What an inspiration you have been Kristian in your tough journey, pointing people to Christ and your love for Him…

  12. Kristian, Thank you for sharing your life with us. It has been a privilege to have a been a witness to your journey. I will remember you always. Jean, USA

  13. I am so sorry for your lost. I cant begin to know the depth of your loss and pain but know Kristian touched many lives with his bravery and courage. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

  14. RIP Kristian. We’ve never met and I only live a few streets away from you. I’ve spent the past hour reading your blog and the thing that stands out the most is your faith in God and love for your family. It never wavered once!

    God, please bless Rachel and her boys with the strength, comfort, love and light they need in the coming minutes, days, months and years ahead.

  15. Kristian, you and your family are in our thoughts and hearts. Eric & Yvette, Texas, USA

  16. My deepest sympathies on the passing of your beloved Kristian. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Although we have never met, I was blessed to exchange several tweets with Kristian and follow him on his journey. I’ve yet to stop crying after hearing of your Homegoing hours ago. Your fight was not in vain, for you have taught many, myself included about what is really important in this life and never take it for granted. Kristian, by sharing your journey amd faith, I firmly believe lives have been saved with people getting check and finding cancer early. For all of this I say..Thank You. Heaven has gained a beautiful angel and I know that through friends, family and her faith in God..Rachel and the boys will be alright. Looking back, the miracle of a complete healing in this life wasn’t to be…the miracle is that even in death, you continue to teach others. Thank you Kris God Bless you , Racel, Cody and Jakob

  18. I’m so sorry for your beautiful family. You are such an inspiration Kristian. A shining light in this world and now in the next.

    Much love to Rachel and the boys xx

  19. I am so so saddened to hear this news. A beautiful man, someone I learned from and found inspiring. Your words and wisdom will be missed.Given your faith, I know you are resting in peace.

  20. So very sad to hear this news…will hold you & the kids in my thoughts. Sending love & strength from Canada…xoxo

  21. My heart breaks for you Rachael,Jakob and Cody.
    But also for Andy Sandy Beth and Jeremy
    I have been down this path quite a few times
    and all I can say is trust God and he will
    give you Peace at this time. Our prayers
    and Love to you at this time.
    Thank you Kristian for being a light in
    this lost and dark world, may you receive
    what we all desire ” well done good and faithfull servant” from our Heavenly Father.
    Trevor & Charmaine

    • With you all the way, Trev and Charsie.
      Thinking of our dear friends Sandy and Andy
      Beth and Jeremy, Rachel, Cody and Jakob too.

  22. Rest in peace Kristian. Thank you for bravely sharing your journey to the end with us. Your love for your family and your faith in God are exemplary. I pray that your whole family will be strengthened at this difficult time. God bless your Rachel, Cody and Jacob.

  23. My thoughts are with you all. I am facing the same thing as Kristian. I have two little boys and a loving husband. Sometimes the thought of how I will leave them and how soon that may be is unbearable. I long for life as it was – pain free and filled with energy. My heart breaks when I see the fear of losing mummy in the eyes of my gorgeous boys. Kristian has given me so many little tips on how to get through. He has inspired me to think less about the end, and more about the present. I am truly blessed to have read his blogs. And I sincerely hope when my time comes, I will be as peaceful, accepting and courageous as he has been. Pray to the Lord that it may be so. God bless the three of you, and your families and friends during this very sad time.

  24. Kris, thank you for sharing your jouney with me. i am going to make the most of every moment that i have in this world. Your an inspirational & courageous man & now your soul can rest in peace. You have two really strong boys who will grow up & learn of about your fight. Rachel & boys our thoughts & prays are with you all.xoxoxoxo Amanda

  25. Amazing grace. Amazing love. Amazing acceptance. Amazing peace. Rest now Kristian, my goodness you made an enormous difference to the world. Much love and support to all of your family. xxxx

  26. Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem, from which “there is a crack in everything” came:

  27. God bless you Rachel and your children . Praying that you will feel god and Kristian’s hands on your lives now and forever. Our thoughts and prays are with you all at this time and for ever. He will be missed by us all as he really touched our lives as you all did.

  28. Having followed your family’s journey through the blog posts and tweets, and can’t even begin to say how sorry I am and hope that you find strength at a time like this.

    It has been a rather strange feeling today hearing of your passing. Having never actually met in person, it feels strange to be so upset, but your journey has touched me and those around me.

    Your amazing ability to see the good in a situation and, as a friend put it, look at everything as a Glass Half Full always made me smile.

    Your journey has done more to educate the public than any ad campaign ever could, and because of you many people (especially men) will seek treatment earlier and survive.

    Thank you for being so strong when others could not.

  29. I’m just so sorry to read this news today. I had been following your story in the Manly Daily. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and ask God to comfort you at such a sad time. It’s so unfair why such good people have to be taken from us and words will never be enough for people to say how sad they are feeling for your beautiful family.

    take care,

  30. Rest in peace, Kristian. Praying for your family.

  31. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

    That comfort has to be the faith that your family will be together again. Kristian waits in the arms of his Father.

  32. Tears are flowing here. Rachel – you and the kids are in my thoughts. When you are up to it, please know that there are lots of widows out there who are ready to talk about things that nobody else really understands …. you can find many of us via here: and here

  33. So sad. Nothing more to say.

  34. Oh Rachel, my love and prayers are with you and the boys. Although we’ve never met, I’ve been an avid follower of Kristian’s blog for nearly 18mths now. May he rest in peace and watch over you and the boys.

    Renae xxx

  35. Thank you Kristian for shining your light so brightly. Your legacy will live on through the effect you had on so many lives. God bless your family through the darkness now to follow. Much love and light always, sonia x

  36. I only found out about this today and have looked at the video and read the blog….. so so sad…. nothing can be said to convey the loss that his family is feeling… my heart goes out to you all xx

  37. Thank you Kristian – sending love to your family and friends on this very sad day. Feel blessed to have been able to follow your story and am glad you are now at peace after doing such good work here on earth.

  38. Tears flow freely with gratitude for having had your story touch my life. Not just me but you have touched so many with you exhibition of the purest love. Peace be with you and your boys.

  39. Dear Rachel, Cody and Jakob,
    I am so sorry for your loss!
    I wish I had words that could comfort you, but there are no words , so I will just send Love and prayers.
    There is no consolation for your loss of his physical, emotional and supportive being in your day to day life, and future, but I hope it will give you some comfort knowing that with every step you take, and for the rest of your journey, Kristian’s love, light and essence will live on through you, in you and around you.
    It will be everlasting – just like the Light and Love of our Heavenly Father.

    Your family has touched the hearts of the world and our hearts are breaking for you.
    Thank you for letting us share in your journey with your warrior husband.
    Much Love to you all, and to all of your extended family and friends.

  40. The song bird is singing, like he knows the score, Rachel and the boys, so sad for you, but I know that Kristen is fliying high right now, he no longer needed that body, he had risen above it, our love and light to you all xxx

  41. May the Lord continue to bless your lives as you have blessed ours by sharing this journey with the world.

  42. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of a great man today. He will always be remembered and because of this he will live forever. Rachel I truly believe he will always look out for you and the kids. God Bless you guys.

  43. May the Lord wrap His arms around you and give you comfort. Love to you and your family.

    your sister in Christ
    Helen P

  44. I was deeply saddened to hear this news. I have been following your journey and have admired your courage as an individual and as a family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  45. May the support of friends and family guide you through this sad time – while he is now at peace always know the beautiful memories of a man who truly loved his family will never fade.

  46. Dear Rachel and your adorable boys, I am just so sorry for your great loss. I never personally met Kristian but I can say that I have learnt so much from both he and you. You are truly inspirational and have touched so many lives. I have much peace in knowing that Kristian is pain free in heaven. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  47. Vale Kristian, Your Journey inspired me, May you rest in Peace. My prayers and thoughts remain with your Family. Damian

  48. Big Huggz to you Rachel and to your boys~ Kristian was a light in our world..and his light will shine on through all of us who he’s touched with his inspiring faith,thoughts and love
    ~Thankyou Kristian for letting us all see”the light in which you lived.” God bless you Rachel and boys~Kristian is in good hands now,and will always be watching over you 🙂 Never alone~Sandra

  49. I am so sad for your families loss. Here is a fitting poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley for Kristian;

    Music when soft voices die,
    vibrates in the memory.
    Odours when sweet voilets sicken,
    live within the sense they quicken.

    Rose leaves, when the rose it dead,
    Are heap’d for the beloved’s bed.
    And so thy thoughs when thou are gone,
    love itself shall slumber on…

  50. RIP Kristian, I’m looking forward to meeting you in His Kingdom one day. I pray that all of God’s beautiful blessings and the Holy Spirit’s eternal comfort is pouring out with abundance on Rachel, your boys, family and friends. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and thank you Rachel for sharing Kristian with the world and letting his inspiration come into our lives.

  51. Dear Rachel, Cody and Jakob, my heart is breaking for you all. Kristian was brave, inspiring, gentle, truly a wonderful man. He touched my life, and the lives of so many. The world is a much better place today for having had him in it. Words are difficult to find but I hope you realise that there are thousands of people out there that loved and admired Kris and feel the same way about you .
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers and will remain so. There is a special Angel in heaven watching over you tonight. much love, and my sincerest condolences, may Kris rest in peace. God bless you
    Chris @deansmum

  52. RIP Kristian I have followed your battle since the day I saw you on you tube. Rachael I would really love to see how you are going whether on this blog or twitter. Thoughts with you all I cried reading he had a tear in his eye when passing

  53. I have only just learned of this story today and have been touched very deeply by it. The video of the wedding was amazing, you could see the presence of God all over it in the smiles and joy expressed. The birthday video, how touching and awesome at the same time. My heart goes out to Rachel and the boys as they come to grips with life here on earth without their beloved Kristian. May God hold you through this time and give you a deep revelation of the joy that Kristian has entered into where he awaits his beloved family to join him again one day at the appointed time. God peace and blessing to you all

  54. I am sitting here, with tears running down my face, grieving for a man I have never met. And yet, I am thankful for “knowing” him and for the lessons I have learned from him. Most importantly: to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

    I am also grieving for the boys who will grow up without their father. And for Rachel, who has lost her partner, her love, her husband… I hope you feel the prayers being sent up from all over the world for you.

    Enjoy Heaven, Kristian.

  55. RIP Kristian; and god bless Rachel, Cody, and Jakob.

  56. My thoughts to you and your familiy. Although I have never met, I have followed Kris’s inspiration and brave fight closely. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  57. Rachael, may you find strength in this time of extreme sadness. A lot of people in this world are grieving for you and your family but at the same time, proud that you have had such a wonderful husband and father of your children. God bless.

  58. […] friend of hers who had succumbed to Cancer after fighting for nearly 3 years so I have been reading his blog – How the light gets in, The Final Call for the past hour.  It makes me feel so sad (I was already feeling lost today). Cancer is really […]

  59. RIP Kristian. It seems God has seen fit to call many in these last few weeks. My darling friend Lisa lost her battle on Christmas Eve. She too left a heartbroken spouse and two young children.

    I hope you both are sitting rejoicing in freedom from pain.

  60. Quiet Sad, but so encouraging of a Soldier dying full of Faith and so Peaceful. Praying God`s Grace on the Wife and Children. Even when we cant be with you in Perth, Prayer knows no distance. So we send our prayers all the way from Africa to comfort the bereaved family.

  61. thanks for reminding us of the Light that shines through the darkness that surrounds us. May His peace be with Rachel, Cody and Jakob.

  62. I was singing for a New Years Eve event lastnight…and when it came time to sing “Marry Me,” I thought of Kristian and Rachel throughout the song,brought tears, God bless you Kristian and Rachel and your boys…always.

    😦 This is bittersweet…sad because the world has lost a wonderful guy~Happy cause your free from pain Kristian and smiling down from heaven tonight.

  63. An angel went to heaven on the 2nd of January. Kristian take care up there. I will pray for your family every day. If I grow into half the man, husband or father you are I will count myself blessed.

  64. RIP Kristian. I hope that Rachael and you sons cherish what you have left them. ‘O for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still’.

  65. Rachel, I am with you in spirit. God is always so close to us and especially in our time of need. My son passed from cancer in 2005. I have an inkling of the pain you are feeling, although we have lost different loved ones. I will remember you in my prayers. Happy to be there for you if you need it. I pass on a verse that God gave me through all my journey with Jacob: Jeremiah 29:11.

    God bless,

  66. Your journey is truly inspirational, thank you for sharing. Lets also take a moment to think of those who are facing similar struggles and also seeking the support of those who are able.

  67. Rest in peace, sweet man. He lives on every day through the joy of his children and his adoring wife.

  68. RIP Kristian blessings to Rachel , Cody & Jakob thank you for sharing with us a very special person God Bless

  69. Dear Rachel, Cody and Jakob – Though my family and I have never met you your journey has touched me so profoundly. Such is the power of extraordinary people like your husband and Dad. I was very sad to hear of Kristian’s passing and pray for you at this very difficult time. May Kristian’s love and the love of everyone he touched in his journey comfort you now and always. God bless.

  70. RIP Kristian, your faith is inspiring, I pray that God truly touches peoples lives because of you and Rachel and the boys continue to be blessed. You had such a fighting spirit x

  71. Thoughts with Rachel and kids on loss of Kristian. God has claimed another angel

  72. I am truly saddened to hear of your loss. Take comfort in the fact you saw him meet Jesus. He is free from pain and watching you lovingly from above. Bless you and the boys, take one breath after the other and the rest will work itself out. God Bless xx

  73. Kristian your faith was absolutely inspirational! I know you are now worshipping with the angels in the place where there is no sickness, pain or tears. Rachel please know you and the boys are being carried in prayer. The Lord is holding you all in the palm of his hand.

  74. Rip Kristian..

  75. Dear Rachel,

    Please accept my sympathy – as a survivor of bowel cancer. I only wish you had been so lucky to have Kristian still with you. A long journey behind you, an even greater one in store.

    I understand your pain, in part at least. Cancer has also stolen those most precious to me – my mum most recently after a 5 year battle, so young at 53. The disease takes something more than the loved one away. It steals a part of you. A part of you dies.

    I live in hope that the plight of your husband makes a difference. Some day no doubt, I will be attacked again and will need to fight once more.

    My thoughts are with you and your children.


  76. I hope you can find some peace with the Lord now Kristian. Your life has been an inspiration to others, and you have touched the souls of so many. My prayers and thoughts are with Rachel and your sons. Your children will know that their father was indeed one of life’s inspiring and decent people.

  77. Kristian, thank you for the legacy you are leaving for so many people, people who did not even know you personally. You have been a huge inspiration throughout your battle. My heart goes out to your family who you had to leave behind for now on this final stage of your journey. Rachel, Cody, Jacob, “may the Lord bless you and keep you and hold you up on angels wings”.

  78. I know there isn’t enough comforting words to ease Rachel, Cody and Jacob’s pain, but my prayers are for you… I am sure Kristian is already at peace in Heave with God and he is now free from any pain. He will be watching over you Rachel and your kids… God bless you always and in time you will be able to move on and face life without him. And I am pretty sure you will be able to meet him in heaven someday. 🙂

    He may be gone but he will always inspires so many people and I am one of them… You may rest in peace Kristian.

  79. This is the first time I have posted, but I watched the clip on you tube a while back, I have followed the tweets and the blog. But more importantly I have prayed. It was with such sorrow and yet at the same time, joy, to read that Kristian has gone to be with Jesus.

    Rachel, your strength, faithfulness and pure love is something I can only hope I would have if I was in your shoes. Bless you.

    To your darling boys, I know they will grow up to know what strength Kristian had, and they themselves will draw strength from knowing the greatness of their Daddy.

    My God continue to strengthen you at this time, may you feel His love surrounding you each and every day. And know that Kristian is right there too.

    Kia Kaha
    With love from Christchurch,

  80. So sad to hear of Kristians passing, my heart aches for what you and your boys must be going through.

    Kia Kaha x

  81. From my family to yours … may your angels be with you on your journey. R.I.P. Kristian. There is indeed a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in, may that light now shine brightly on Rachael and your boys. In our thoughts and prayers.

  82. Rest in Peace Kristian – such a beautiful light for the world xxx

  83. I’m so sorry for your lose of your amazing husband and father. Words can’t help heal the hole that he has left behind in your hearts and arms.

  84. Hi Rachel and family. I just wanted to say that Kristian’s birthday video to you Rachel moved me to tears when I first saw it, and again today when I learned of his death. As awful as the greif you are feeling must be, I pray that you can find comfort in that fact that he is now at peace with his Lord, and that he loved you all more than words could express. What a man, and what a love. You guys obviously had something amazing, and I hope that those memories can sustain you through the tough times to come. You are all in my prayers.

  85. I’m so saddened to hear about Kristian’s passing and yet I know that he has gone Home and is surrounded eternally by love and light. My prayers are with Rachel, Cody and Jacob in this impossibly tough time.

  86. Rachel, how blessed you are to have found such a great love in your dear husband. Many go a lifetime without finding what the two of you shared. I have no doubt that as you stay close to your boys, Your honey will stay close to the three of you. We are blessed the the veil is thin between our realm and the life beyond this one.
    Much love to you and your boys as you begin this journey. May you feel peace and love and the prayers of many said on your behalf.
    Much love from the USA

  87. May his soul rest in peace. I stumbled upon this blog just today and it touched me very deeply. Your unshakeable faith is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  88. Another Angel gets his wings ❤ love to your family

  89. My prayers are with you all. May your courage and strength continue to always inspire those to fight on. xx

  90. I have only just come across this incredibly touching and heartfelt blog today after reading a news article about Kristian here in NZ.

    I just want to say… Rachel – you were so truly loved by Kristian… after reading through this blog, nothing stands out more than his love for you, and the boys. Though your loss is huge and it will be a hard road ahead, and though I have no real comprehension of how you must be feeling right now… you can always look back and know, without any doubt… you were truly loved. God bless you.

  91. I never knew this man but the story was very touching. I don’t think there was a person who viewed it who did not shed a tear.

    Many a great man seek to leave their mark in the world, this man has left a legacy that won’t ever be erased.

  92. Kristian you were such an inspiration to many. You have shown many of us how to love and treasure the most simple things in life like family and children. To Rachel, Cody and Jakob, our condolescences to you all. Now at peace. God has claimed another angel.

  93. Yours is a Light that shined brightly. Truly a man of Faith. An inspiration of Strength and Courage. May your light continue to shine and warm the hearts of your family and friends.

  94. Dear Rachel, Cody and Jakob,

    Blessings to you all thank you for sharing Kristian with us all

    “Perhaps, they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings
    where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.”
    — Eskimo legend

    Best wishes and stay strong

    Jools n Family

    • I loved the Eskimo legend x I think it fits perfectly with how I will see the stars from now on!

  95. I am truly sorry for your loss. Kristian touched so many people and will continue to do so.
    I wish there was something I could say that
    would help ease what you are going through.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the

  96. Light and Love to Kristian, you are now home, where we will all return to some day when our journey is done here on earth. I am sure you will shine over your family and keep them safe xx

  97. I have just learned that Kristian passed away this morning and the tears are streaming down my face. Kristian’s soul was lit from within and his light will continue to shine through the lives of not only his beautiful wife and sons, but through the lives he has changed by his existence.

    Thank you, Kristian, for allowing us to follow your journey. Your life and your love for and devotion to your family are inspirational. I believe that you are watching and guiding your family from Heaven; I pray that they can feel your light and love from Heaven.

    Rest in peace.

  98. Dear Rachel,

    I am saddened for your loss. However, I thank you and your husband (now with our heavenly father) for giving me hope that I might find a love like the one you both shared.

    With all my love
    Rose from Ryde

  99. At this time of great loss, you may feel lost, after this time passes, you will find time to think about how truely, truely loved you and the boys are Rachel. Kristian reminded the world that love is the key, his love will never die. For such a good man to walk the earth was an absolute blessing.

  100. my heart breaks for your beautiful family and soars at the amazing witness of our Lord that Kristen is and was.
    my prayers are with your family.

  101. So sorry to read that Kristian has lost his long and brave fight against the cancer. But his actions have made the world a better place and given strength to others – perhaps he was given the burdens because he could bear them.
    My deepest sympathies to you, Rachel, and your children.

  102. Dear Rachel, so sorry for your loss, I can relate but not through Cancer, it was sudden and at 33, I was left with two little boys. At the time I wished I had more time to say goodbye to prepare, it seemed so cruel.

    But, I can’t imagine this journey could be any easier to bare.

    These words, this journey, the video’s will be inspiration for others, the legacy and hopefully the therapy to heal, that Kristian wanted for both you and your boys.

    Kristian will always be in your heart and in time you’ll smile at the memories you’ve shared.

    Take care of each other, Rachel, Cody and Jacob. xx

  103. RIP in Kristian ~ I have loved reading your story and your honesty. So sorry for Rachel and your boys but know that he is forever in your heart watching you from heaven x

  104. What a truely brave and wonderful man you have been, are, and will always be. Cheers to you mate and your wonderful family. Chris (Melb)

  105. Praying for you all. With love from Helen in CHCH NZ.

  106. I just wanted to say Kristian’s faith is beyond inspirational, it is real. I can only hope that I and those I love beyond life itself will carry the same faith with them to the end. My thoughts and prayers are with Rachel and the boys in their time of heart-rendering loss. May the Lord Jesus uphold you all.

  107. Rest in peace, Kristian. You made a difference to this world while you were here and you will continue to now that you’re gone. My thoughts are with your beautiful family.

  108. I am so sorry for you and your families loss. May he rest in peace. Best wishes to you all.

  109. The thoughts and prayers of thousands of people around the world are with you today and in the coming difficult months. The boys have an inspiring legacy of a journey they can look back on with the knowledge their father loved them more than they could possibly have known at such heart-breakingly young ages to lose him. I am sending you my love Rachel.

  110. Thank you for sharing his faith in Christ. He is in the arms of his Saviour!

  111. I only just begun reading your blog earlier on today, I came back on to check if anything had been up, only to find you had passed on.
    RIP. No more pain, no more suffering.
    Thinking of your family, be strong, he is now watching over you.
    May your two gorgeous boys grow up to be the gentleman you are.

    Rest In Peace, you are one amazing man.
    Never to be forgotten

  112. Hearts are with you all

  113. Dear Kristian, you were a true warrior until the end. May your family find the necessary strength to overcome this difficult time, always with the certainty that you were a hero admired in many places around the world. You are home now. You have found peace.

  114. My deepest sympathies Rachel your husband was a beautiful husband and father. I felt your pain as I have been there myself with my husband gone to young and to a ruthless disease. Your sons will be good men they will take after their father. Be brave be strong one day at a time.

  115. You touched so many hearts including mine – thank you xx

  116. Rachel, thinking of you and the boys and praying your faith is never lost in the pain you have suffered. God bless you all and RIP Kristian. So sad today to have heard you have lost your battle, yet so amazed that true love like you have for your wife and kids does in fact, truly exist. What an amazing human being.

  117. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no longer any sea.

    I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

    And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.

    He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”

    Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

  118. Dearest Rachel,
    YOU have my continued prayer, especially that you find peace and comfort during this season.

    Sincere love,

  119. No words…love and prayers to you Rachel. Thank you to you both for sharing this journey. XXBronteXX

  120. Im not sure how i feel right now, im sobbing uncontrollably reading the devasting news of Kristian’s death and the immense sadness and heartache his precious family have to bear without him in their lives.

    The eternal love and dedication he had for his beautiful wife Rachel and his little boys Cody and Jakob was purely inspirational, the determination and the strength Kristian displayed through his most toughest and painful journey of his life here on earth makes my heart ache.

    No more pain or suffering within you Kristian, you will always be remembered not as a victim of such a hideous disease but a true, innocent and passionate gentleman that you were on the outside. No-one or nothing can ever replace you.

    My thoughts and love are sent to his family and friends who have lost him.

  121. You are an insipiration….You are such a beautiful soul. You can rest now, no more pain, you are home.
    Sleep tight angel.xx

  122. I am beyond saddened to read of the passing of your incredibly brave and courageous husband. There are no words that will comfort you – that can only come from our God above. But find peace in the knowledge that in your life and love with your Kristian have not come to an end, merely the relationship changes and as you continue on heartbroken and weary you are loved, and supported from those of us who will never meet you, but will never forget you both, or your story of love and life x

  123. “Nature never repeats herself. And the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.” (elizabeth cady stanton)
    Kristian’s story resonated in my life and his strength was inspirational.
    Rachel – we have you and your family in our thoughts at this very sad time.
    x jo & saffron

  124. What is it that binds the hearts of total strangers? It goes beyond the shared suffering and joy of being human. It is strengthened and held for always when Jesus binds us.

    A year ago I watched Kristian declare his love for you Rachel. And cried.
    Today I read his testimony of struggle and hope. And cried again.

    One day we won’t any more. What a wonderful hope!

  125. Oh… Rachel, I just heard on the news tonight. I have a huge lump in my throat and pain in my heart to hear of Kristian’s passing.
    ‘May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace’ (Numbers 6:24-26)

    Words fail me at this time but I know one thing that the Lord will never leave you or forsake you and His presence as well as many angels are surrounding you, your beautiful boys and extended family.

    Only Jesus understands.

    With much love,

    Vicky & Steve Pollard

  126. A great man has left this earth. Let us mourn for those close to him, who must learn to live without him. Kristian, rest in peace. Rachel, Cody and Jacob, may God bless and protect you and His angels guard you, always.

  127. What an inspiring, brave man Kristian is and was. His unshakable faith in God and his profound love for his family is inspiring. Through extreme darkness and challenge to find the strength to reach out to others and encourage them in their faith is a true testimony of what God had done in his heart.

    You have met your Saviour, Christ, face to face.

    Be strong Rachel, Cody and Jakob, knowing that God is your comforter. Knowing that Christ is strong in you even when you cannot find the strength in yourself. Mourn, and most of all celebrate the life that he had. And the life that lives on in your family and in the lives of others.

    Though the journey ended, his story has not. A little part of his courage lives on in all of us who had the privilege to read his words and hear of his love for his Saviour.

    Much love to you Rachel and your family.

  128. This is so sad!!!

  129. I have only just discovered Kristian’s blog and I thank God for his testimony; it has both challenged and moved me. I pray our Lord’s protection and comfort for you and your children. I can’t even begin to understand what you are going through; the only comfort now is that Kristian in part of the cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 11), in the tender care of his God, free of any pain and discomfort.

  130. I thought today was just another ordinairy but beautiful day. As I rose late on this bank holiday I checked my mail as the kettle boiled. I saw Kristians’s post & went straight to it. That was about 40 minutes ago & the tea has still not been made. I have sat quietly praying for you all & remembering previous posts of your journey with cancer. I have been inspired by Kristian & Rachel & want to thank you both for allowing us to know something of what you went through. I honestly feel sad today although I know Kristian is at peace & home with God. I also know he will always watch out for you & the boys. You remain in my thoughts & prayers. Jean, Ireland

  131. Rachel, thinking of u and your boys. Kristian is now in a beautiful place and looking down at you smiling.

  132. Dear Rachel,
    There are no words that I can express to convey my condolences; the only saving grace is your faith, and I pray you can lean on God and His Son for your strength, and the Holy Spirit fill you with patience and love over the coming days, with all you have to prepare.
    Thank you for sharing Kristian’s journey with us, who are so blessed to see God’s grace at work.
    Wishing God’s blessing on you and the boys,
    Simon & Janelle

  133. My deepest condolences to Rachel and all your family the passing of Kristian, who shone so much light into the world.

  134. I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sons xxx

  135. Kristian all peace & love to u in ur eternal rest. U will niot be forgotten. Rachel & thw boys, u r never far from our thoughts & prayers. Peace to u Kristian, strength to u Rachel @ hope to ur precious boys. God bless. RANYA.

  136. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss… I never followed your story but I am deeply touched by it…

  137. Such sad news. As the day closes on what was a spectacularly beautiful day in Sydney, my thoughts are with Kristian’s wife Rachel, his young boys and his family and friends. Kristian – thank you for inspiring so many…..

  138. Dear Anderson Family

    I am equally sad and relieved you had such a man to show us all through what can be the scariest most sad of times. I wish it wouldn’t happen to any of us but that wish is naive. I am so deeply sorry for your boys loss…and so profoundly understanding of yours too Rachel. I buried my sister this year. She was young – it wasn’t ‘right’ but thats the way it went. She was loved..nurtured and respected to the last.

    Died in the arms of the man she’d loved for more than 25 years.

    As brutal as it is… I don’t know that there’s a better way to go.

    Much much love to you and yours

  139. I am so sorry for your loss. You are all in my thoughts & prayers

  140. May the memories you have shared bring you comfort and the well wishes from the many throughout the world that have followed your moving life journey give you strength.

  141. I too have followed your journey and am so sorry to learn of your passing. To Rachel, “the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.” Frances.

  142. I have only just come in on the end of this incredible story….all I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time… a fellow believer in Christ, I thank Kristian for pointing us once again to the truth of a life that is hidden in Christ…..and of the peace and life that is to come for those who trust in Him.

  143. So devestated to hear this news today. Amazing how heart broken you can feel for someone you don’t even know. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the family. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and grief but I hope you find comfort in knowing that he is no longer himself in pain.
    What an amazing man, Kristian your legacy will live on. Your family should be so so proud to have such a loving husband, father, son…never forgotten, an amazing man taken too soon.

  144. What a humble human being, with a faith I could only wish for. Thank you for reminding me of the three most important things in life. Faith, Hope and Love. My thoughts are with you on your new journey to eternal peace and your beautiful family living with faith, knowing they will one day see you again. xx Tracey

  145. You have made me a better person
    i love my wife, i love her more because of you
    i love my children, but i love my children more because of you
    Your faith, courage, strength and heart cannot be beaten.

    Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.
    — Author Unknown

    thoughts and prayers are with you

  146. To Rachel and all your family, I too have bowel cancer stage 4. I have found so much strenght and clarity reading Kristians blog. Thankyou Kristian you truely are a special angel in heaven. You have touched so many lives. I cannot begin to imagine the greif you are going through but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Mandy

  147. I’m so sorry. What a great union you had with your wife, kids and God. I have been forever inspired by your faith and hope that my lost faith in God can be restored. You have brought me closer to reuniting with him. I can never thank you enough for all that you have given me Kris and Rachel. x
    Lorraine, Ireland

  148. So sad yet so absolutely amazing and inspirational, my thoughts are with all of you.


  149. Your courage was incredible your strength was inspirational….My tears flow freely as i hear of the news of your passing….Your boys will grow up knowing how much their father loved them and how hard you fought to stay on this Earth…My love goes out to Rachel,Jakob and Cody…Kristian will never be far from you…
    Rachael in Sydney…xxx

  150. What a fitting name to such a good man, This world is a lesser place without you in it, My heartfelt sympathy to all your family, May God himself comfort them, and give them strengh, and may you Kristian enjoy the rewards your faith guarantee’s, your in God’s care now, all is well.

  151. He is There

    Just because he no longer stands in front of your eyes

    Doesn’t mean you can’t see him

    Close them dreamily he is there

    Just because he no longer answers when you call his name

    Doesn’t mean you can’t hear him

    Speak softy; listen carefully there is his voice.

    Just because he can no longer touch your hands

    Doesn’t mean you can’t feel him

    Hold on to one another, His arms are here.

    Just because he is no longer there to show you he loves you

    Doesn’t mean his love has gone

    Place your hand on your heart, feel its beat

    He is there.

    He is the strongest, wildest wind the blow

    he is the crystal ice thatglints on the snow

    When you awaken in the sunrise hush

    he is the good morning uplifting rush

    Of beautiful birds mid in flight

    He is the star that shines bright in the night

    Rest in Peace Kristian…..

  152. A life well lived, bringing glory to Jesus Christ right to the very end! “Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share your Master’s happiness.” Rachel, Cody and Jakob, may God’s peace, comfort and strength be your experience. You have every reason to be proud of Kristian.

    Lynda and Peter

  153. Racheal and your beautiful boys no words right now will ease your pain but looking at at this in months to come will bring smiles (and im sure some tears), Some dont have the strength and fight your husband did “What a man for you to share your lives with”, what an inspiration character. Your boys will one day stand so proud he seems too of made the most of he”s duties as a father while he was here. A Great proud wonderful man till the end (sure you dont need reminding).
    I truely believe we are all here to teach and guide others Kristian has well and truely outdone himself! You all as a family are remarkable. He has inspired me THANYOU! peita

  154. Thankyou for sharing your journey with me and the rest of the world Kristian; you are an amazing man that has inspired me in so many ways and you will be greatly missed. I have followed your blog since you started in 2009; and I have felt every emotion you have experienced through your words.

    Although you are gone; you will live in your beautiful wife’s and children’s hearts from now and forever more. God bless you for everything that you have done; you’re a truly amazing man. May you R.I.P.

    Alex Ellaway; Brisbane (Australia)

  155. Oh Rachel. I knew this post would come one day. But I hoped it would take longer to appear on Kristian’s blog than it has. Thank you for sharing your amazing husband with the world. And I will pray for strength for you, Jakob and Cody. God Bless you all.

  156. I would like to thank you both for putting your journey on the net. inspirational, heart breaking. I have worked in oncology. I have been on of those nurses who are described so well. I thought I understood.. now I realise I understand just a fraction.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your children Rachel during this very hard time. When the children are older, hopefully these blogs iwill help them understand more. I hope Rachel when you close your eyes at night, during the darkest times, and through the good times where your heart sours, when the tears flow, or when they stop, you not only feel Gods strengthing presence but hands of many around the world.

  157. You are an inspiration for anyone and everyone affected by cancer. May your sons read this when they have grown older and know how amazing and heroic their father was and always will be.
    May you rest in peace. My thoughts go out to Rachel.

  158. Dear Rachel, a sister in Christ
    I just heard on the news about the passing of Kristian & found this blog page to send you this message. Like so many I was deeply touched by Kristian’s beautiful birthday video last year & was thrilled with Oprah’s generosity toward your family. When I heard your quote this evening “My darling husband went to meet Jesus this morning” my momentary sadness at Kristian’s passing turned into comfort. What a testimony! And now having read through his blogs what a beacon of light Kristian has been for our Heavenly Father … what a purposeful life he has led these past two years … an inspiration to so many & a witness for Almighty God. Kristian may have lost his battle with cancer, but he has won the battle for life by knowing our Saviour. I too live this life challenged with health issues & believe like Kristian, through weakness we are made stronger in Christ. I hope you can hang on to Kristian’s strength to endure the deep loss & void you must be feeling. My prayers will be with you, the boys & your extended family. May God keep you uplifted in his hands & Kristian’s light continue to shine for God in this world through his inspirational legacy. God bless you.
    Yours in Christ
    Laura xx

  159. You made a difference to peoples lives with your courage and humanity. Rest peacefully.

  160. Dearest Rachel and boys. My love and thoughts are with you all at this extremely sad time. Your husband and Father was a truly insirational man who changed the lives of many people. I followed Kristian’s story through Gus at 2mmm and felt so privileged to read his progress and his journey day to day. Kristian, I prayed for you all on Christmas day, hoping that you could hang on just one more day. I laughed when Gussy told us that you asked for McDonalds only a couple of days ago and I cried this morning when I heard of your sad passing. You have inspired me to be a better peoson, to live each day joyously and with love in my heart and to love my family with my whole being because after all, your family and the love you share is what life is all about. Rest in peace now Kristian, your work here is done. Sleep peacefully in Gods arms.

  161. There are never just the words that are right – but dearest treasures please know how your incredibly sad yet powerful and mighty journey helped spur me on. Rachel what a gift you were given and what can never be taken away – you had real love and it never dies.
    As the Litlle Prince has said’ I shall look as if I am dead, and that will not be true, you understand, It is too far and I cannot carry this body with me, it is too heavy. But it will be like an abandonned shell. here is nothing sad about old shells. You know it will be very nice, I too shall look at the stars’

  162. Death is nothing else but going home to God,
    the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity.

    ~ Mother Teresa ~


    The love that Kristian continually manifested for your boys and you, will continue to manifest an enrich all of your lives……and the lives of random strangers such as myself. His story has caused tears in my eyes, and an ache in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with your family!!!

    There is a crack in everything, for some of us it is evident and obvious because we can see that light forcing its way through. So when you feel like the darkness of sadness creeping over…close your eyes…and watch for the light of god to shine through your mind!!!

  163. To Rachel, Cody and Jakob, May your husband and Daddy’s words gve you strength to get through the days, monts and years ahead. What a gift of sharing his journey with the world he has given. He loved you with everything he had and his words of wisdom till the end is astounding. A brave, intelligent, caring soul who touched our hearts through out the world. May he rest in peace. Sending you strength, and positive energy. X

  164. I pray that god gives you peace beyond our understanding for you & the boys.

    Thank you Kristian for sharing your journey & your faith in god with all of us, i pray that your story touches lives & hearts all over the world & through your story bring hearts to christ.

  165. Rachel, we have never met but I have known Kristian, Andy, Sandy and kids since I was 8. Although I can not boast that we were great friends I just wanted to say how incredibly I feel for you right now. As a mum of boys I know that God will be their father and will be the rock you need also. My prayers are with you all…..REALLY. Bless you.

  166. I have followed your heartbreaking/inspirational journey for a long time now…

    You’re now back safe in His arms and will guide your lovely family as they continue their journey……

  167. Dear Rachel , Cody& Jakob

    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you all strength and peace in this very difficult hour. I would be praying for you all. xxxx

    RIP Kristian.

  168. Dear Rachel, my heart goes out to you and your two beautiful boys for the loss of your husband/father. He truly has been and will be an inspiration to all of us. Being a father myself to two daughters ( a 2yr old and 2 1/2 month yr old), your story has cemented in my heart the importance of family and that we must stick together whatever life throws at us. I admire you all. God Bless.

  169. I am so sorry for your loss. From all I saw of him in the media, he looked to be a wonderful father and husband, and you all a beautiful family.
    It is funny, when I think back 6 years ago now – 8am must be God’s calling time. That’s when He called out to my Mum and she went to Him after 4 years of a very good fight.
    Peace be with you all.

  170. So sad.. RIP Kristian!

  171. Rachel we pray for the experience of grace and love while you and the children live on on the earth,he has gone before and after our time we will soon join Kristian with the one who conquered life and death. Once our time here is over ,you and the children will be taken care of in this time of temp grief the arms of the father are around you in this time .Kristian has run the race and fought the fight he is where there is joy and fun overflowing, the whys and what’s we don’t always know but this we do know he has made it home before us !
    Love pastor Shelton (Rachel’s dad)

  172. Hi Rachel
    Firstly I am so sorry to hear bout the loss of ur beautiful husband.. I have just watched ur tribute again since first see. It on sunrise I remember thinking to myself he has a beautiful soul god will not take him away from you or those beautiful boys… Now watching it again I can’t stop the tears running down my face u truly have a soul mate with kristian he will never leave you or your boys
    I wish u all the very best for the future with ur boys

  173. After seeing the news of Kristian’s story on the news tonight i found this site and read all of Kristian’s blogs.

    The love that he had for his family and his faith in God was truly beautiful and has touched me deeply.

    God bless his family.

  174. Kristian, you blessed the world while you were in it, and have left a wonderful legacy in your family.

    For you, now though… Matthew 25:23

  175. Peace be to you, Rachel, and to your precious boys. May your entire family feel Christ’s love surrounding you and lifting you up. Our prayers continue, but in a different direction – they are for your peace and God’s comfort during the hard part of this whole journey……learning to live the new ‘normal’. The Lord bless and keep you.
    the grandma from North Carolina with non hodgkins lymphoma

  176. Rest in peace. May your family stay healthy and your children be safe and happy as they grow up with their memories of their beautiful daddy.

  177. Everyone’s journey on earth must come to an end sometime however there are some people who’s impact remains a part of so many. Thank you for all you shared. Peace be with you.

  178. Ich fühle euren tiefen Schmerz. Ich habe meine geliebte Mama am 13.12.11 an Krebs verloren. Ich bin immer noch wie gelämmt, und weiss nicht wie ich ohne sie Leben soll. Das einzige was mir Trost spendet ist : Ich weiss genau sie ist nun bei meinem verstorbenen Bruder, und es geht ihr richtig gut. Euer geliebter Mann und Vater ist nun auch dort, und irgendwann werdet ihr euch wiedersehen. Ich wünsche euch ganz viel Kraft

  179. My thoughts and prayers are with you 😦

  180. May your husbands wind of love carry you through the upcoming days, months & years. May his spirit of courage help you stand when you just cant. And may you continue to have the passion to use his life to catapult you & your boys forward towards the light that Kristian has created for you.

    Deeply saddened to hear about your loss.


  181. I don’t know any of you, but just found out about what you all have been going through. Been reading a few of Kristian’s blog, watched the video he made. And was crying through it.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, having lost such a special husband and father. I am glad that he is without pain now and at home with our Heavenly Father. But I am sure he leaves behind an emptiness and such sadness.

    Wanted to let you know that I am praying for all of you. That you may feel God’s Loving Arms around you, supporting you, comforting you, blessing you. Stay strong, He for sure is there for you.

    I am leaving this wonderful song with you. Hope it’ll work.

  182. Fare well sweet Prince! Your journey was not in vain!

  183. Kristian fought the fight; he finished the race; he kept the faith! I pray God’s comfort by his Spirit for you, your family and friends. So desperately sad, but also deeply encouraged by your faith and honesty throughout this battle.

  184. Words, as powerful as they have the capacity to be, seem worthless at this time. But from my own experience I know they can bring at least some measure of comfort. Kristian, thank you for having the courage to share your story. Your declaration of love in your video message to your wife was one of the most touching I have ever seen. Cancer, like so many illnesses, is so very very cruel. But you did yourself and your family proud. I know Rachel and your boys and all your loved ones will have a massive hole in their hearts and in their lives, but love holds people together forever and even though God may have taken you from your family you will remain in their hearts always. RIP Kristian and love to you family and friends.

  185. You beautiful man, it was easy just to see how much you loved your beautiful wife and children. The world just not Rachel’s world will be worse off as a result of your passing. You were and will remain an inspiration to many including me, a 48 yo family man. God Bless you

  186. You have been a blessing Kristian! May your family be likewise blessed.

    Much love…..

  187. so sad to know the news..

  188. While weeping during reading this blog, one song lyric kept coming into my head….George Michaels song, “You have been loved”.

    I am so sorry and so sad for you all.

  189. RIP Kristian!

  190. What an amzing legacy to leave not only your beautiful boys….but the world. You have opened all of our eyes in so so many ways. Rest in Peace and watch over your amzing family!

  191. Prayers, love and thoughts to you and the boys Rachel. X

  192. wow, my tears are flowing at the thought of Kristians passing. Tears of sadness for Rachel and your beautiful boys, Tears of happyness that a love so strong has kept you strong and given you strength through this emense journer. Rachel, you must be so proud to have Kristian as your soul mate/best friend/father of your children. They will grow all the better for having such an inspirational light to guide them. My thoughts are with you all (all the family) at this most distressing time. I hope Rachel that you can find the strengh that kept Kristian strong to help you in the comming times ahead. Ive nothing more to say than god bless you x

  193. Hi Rachel and family
    So sorry 2 hear your news I too have cancer and am on chemo. Just wanted to send my condolence to u and boys. I was touched by his video and am saddened by him passing. Only the good die young. Regards from Ireland and will say a little prayer for him.

  194. I wish you and your family peace and comfort, Rachel. God bless you all.

  195. Rachel, your husband has been an inspiration, you and your sons must be so proud of him. Living with cancer is not an easy things, there are moments full of hope but there are another moments of desperation, I’m 32 and I lost my father several years ago for a lung cancer and he is my inspiration everyday.

    Your husband is in peace now, the suffering is gone and he will always remembered by his loved ones.

    A big hug for you and your family from Spain.

  196. Your faith is strong! hang in there in this terrible time! our prayers are with you!

  197. Hi,
    I’m just a random person who came across Kristian and your family’s story tonight, at midnight, in Australia. I cannot stop crying, because his life was so beautiful. He inspires me to want to be a better person, and I think he will continue to do this for many others for a long time. I’m sad for your loss but happy now he’s out of pain and in a beautiful place.
    Sending lots of love to your family, thoughts and prayers, from a person in Australia. God Bless. xo

  198. My word. Your strengths , faith and love for each other is outstanding. In life your husband shouted his adoration for you and your children for the while world to hear. What a special angel you now have beside you . Your story has made me tell my husband I love him and how lucky we are. I send u and your boys all my live from Ireland . May kristian shine brightly xx

  199. Sincerest condolances from Ireland. Kristian’s story and that of your whole families’ is inspiring and so touching. Our thoughts are with you through the days and weeks ahead. much love and every good wish.

  200. Rachel, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you, your sons and family. I only heard about Kristian today on the news in England and I have just read his blog and watched his video to you. Kristian loved you and your boys so much. His strength is an inspiration. God bless you all. All my love, Sarah-Jane. xx

  201. Very sad news. Rest in Christ Kristian. Much love to Rachel & the children & to Andy, Sandy, Jeremy & Beth.

    Love John & Di

  202. It has been an honor to have ‘known’ Kristian through this blog. Rachel, I am truly sorry for your loss and I will continue to pray for you and your children.

  203. My deep sympathy to all of your family.
    I have read your story for a long time, admired your courage, your honesty, envied your faith.

  204. Love and prayers to you, Rachel, and to your beautiful boys and to all others who loved Kristian.

  205. to infinity and beyond……

  206. I am so truly saddened by this news.
    Breathe deep, Rachel, one foot in front of the other. Hold those beautiful boys close to you and he won’t be far away.
    My thoughts are with you all.

  207. So sorry to hear your news. Our thoughts are
    With you at this time and may Kristian RIP. Your family has touched so many hearts
    across the globe and I thank you for sharing your story which gives us all a reality check.

  208. I am truely saddened by Kristians passing though he is truely at peace now… I am so sorry for you Rachel and your 2 lovely boys who have lost their father and you who have lost your soulmate… I have folled Kristians struggle with life and would have given my healthy body if i could so he could live on even though I only knew him through this blog and the beautiful video that got on the news in Canada… He touched my heart in a very special way and I loved all of you even though I never trueky knew you … Thak you for sharing all of your lives the way you have and peace be with you and the boys…

  209. My deepest condolences to you Rachel and your family. Sending prayers that God will gives you all strength.

  210. My sincere sympathy to all. God Bless your family. Rest in Peace Kristian. Rachel you now have an Angel who’s name you know. xoxo

  211. Dear Rachel,
    May God’s strengthening joy keep you and your precious sons at this time and in the future. I have just read the headlines that Kristian has gone o be with our Lord. I had only just seen his video tribute to you today. I pray that God continues to open doors of blessings to you and the boys. It is a difficult thing to lose ones husband, but knowing that he is in Gods presence, is in part, a peace giving feeling. Kristian is at peace with God, his Maker. I pray that God supply’s all that you will need in every area, to help with bringing up your lovely children as well as in meeting your own needs. We will all go to be with our Lord some day, and there we shall see God face to face as well as our departed loved ones who believed in Him. Our Heavenly Father, will be with you now and always. God be with you. Much love, Agnes

  212. I came here via Jordan Jansen. This is a beautiful final blog. A great testimony to his belief. Kristian is in my prayers as well as his family.

  213. Dearest Rachel…. There are 302 of Oprah’s ultimate viewers who have been accompanying you since the first day we met you and Kristian at the opera house taping. We have read his blogs, prayed for all of you and loved you and your family every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your family’s journey with us.

    Keep breathing, dear one. You are all loved by more people than you know!

  214. I remember seeing Christian on the news when he made your birthday video. At that time I thought, what a lucky man, to have found someone he truly loves.

    My thoughts are with you Rachel, and your boys. He may be gone in body, but his spirit and memory will live on throughout the ages.

    Stay strong Rachel and continue the life he wanted for you both. Whilst words cannot console you at this time, look back at them in a few years, while that may seem a lifetime away, it really isn’t.

    If you ever want to chat with someone who understands loss from personal experience. You have my email.


  215. We will never forget you, Kristian. Rachel, you and your family are in our hearts & prayers always. Kristian was an amazing person–he truly lived his life to the fullest and inspired others to do the same. My heart breaks for your loss, Rachel, Cody and Jacob. I know you have an angel looking over you always. XOXOXOX

  216. Rachel, Cody and Jakob,
    now you are the bells that still can ring. Through the cracks of your broken hearts the light will flow. The light of Kristian’s life, of his bravery and his dignity will get into your lives forever. A big hug to you all from the other part of the world (Turin, Italy)

  217. Pocivao u miru Bozjem! Moj je govorni engleski slab i ne znam na njemu puno reci, ali razumjela sam da je Kristian bio covjek velike vjere i na tome mu se divim! Pogledala sam i rodjendansku cestitku za Rachel! Toliko je u njoj iskazano ljubavi da sam plakala od ganuca! U mojim je molitvama! U mojim ste molitvama! Pozdrav iz Hrvatske (Croatia)!

  218. God bless you Kristian. I pray and know your family will find the strength to get through this difficult time. You have helped me as I watch my father go through the same process as you. Thank you for your honesty, time and courage that will help many others all over the world. You are an inspiration. Rest in peace.

  219. Rachel, when a husband leaves so many happy yesterday’s, the memories will last through all your tomorrow’s. You and your boys are in my prayers!

  220. So happy you followed the light. Peace to you and your family. You will be remembered always.

  221. Dear Rachel, please accept my deepest sympathies for your deep loss. We attended bible college together and God in the City. We are praying for you and the boys at this difficult time.
    Anna Musson

  222. I am very sorry for your loss. Trust in God and his ability to comfort you through the sad times.

  223. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
    As a wife & a mother of two boys (3 & 5), your story has a tender spot in my heart. Praise God that Kristian knew Jesus as his Saviour King & that he has a new, perfect & pain free body that he can use for eternity to praise his King & creator.
    I can’t even begin to imagine your pain, but I praise God that he has given you his spirit to be your comforter & that, because of His birth, perfect life, death & ultimately his resurrection we have a certain hope…we will one day be singing & dancing with Kristian in heaven!!
    Come, Lord Jesus, come!!!!

  224. My thoughts & prayers are with you Rachel,Cody & Jacob. I know the pain you are going through. My tears are still flowing for such a beautiful family. Kristian’s story is so inspiring & he brought light to world of ‘bowel cancer’. Keep strong amazing lady.

  225. So sorry for your loss. Remember and know you were loved, so very much, by that remarkable husband of yours. All the best to you and the boys.

  226. May God bless this huge crack in your lives, Rachel, Cody and Jacob, with much light and love. Thank you for being willing to share this difficult journey with us.

  227. A warrior! A truly fitting comment Rachel, thank you both for sharing your journey, you have touched our hearts. Sweet dreams Kristian xxxx

  228. “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.” (John 17:24) – Jesus, the night before Calvary.

    These words took deep root in my soul the day my father and my son died. They promise everything that matters, despite many tears…

    There is something far, far better than living long here: Living Forever in the unclouded glory of His presence. This is not the end for Kristian and Rachel, just the end of the Beginning. They have not trusted Jesus in vain.

  229. May his love light shine on you and your family, Rachel. The light will always shine in your hearts everlasting…

  230. So saddened to hear this. I wish his wife, children, family and friends are in good health following a loss so overwhelming.

    I shall dedicate a song to this family.

    Rest in peace Kristian.

  231. What a loving man. Deepest sympathy Rachel. Kristian will always be with you through your sons.

  232. I have been so sad for you Rachael and for your kids since I heard the news. The strength of your and Kristians faith challenges me, and I am blown away by the amazing witness he has been. He stayed strong in his belief in Christ. It was amazing to see the news and morning shows repeat your twitter comment about him seeing Jesus’ face, and one of the news shows said that he was ready to see his Heavenly Father. You and your husband touched more people with your faith than most of us will even ever meet. You can be certain Kristian would have heard- “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

    I will be praying for you and your children. I will also be praying for Kristians life to have an ongoing affect on our world and peoples lives, as people find his blog and see how real his faith was.

  233. Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15

    We can’t always understand, but we can know the One who does. Praying for you.

  234. You and your boys are in my thoughts…..I never met Kristian or you, Rachel. What I saw as the two of you stood on Oprah’s stage was genuine. In a million years I know both of you would rather that Kristian had his health than any amount of money. When the money was offered, I felt as though the two of you were thinking that at least this money would allow the four of you more quality time together. I hope it did. I know I am thankful your family was chosen, because otherwise….I may not have known his name or this blog. Over the past year I have come to this blog to remind me of what needs to be important in my life. I’m not always successful at being grateful for what I have, but every time I logged onto this blog….I made one step closer to that eventual goal. Thank you Kristian with all my being. I know you will always be watching over your two boys, who no doubtedly will grow to be the men you have always wanted them to be. Blessings to you Rachel……my thoughts are with all of you!

  235. Just reading where all these posts are from is amazing. Kris touched so many lives around the world. These same people will be praying for you and the boys, Rachel. I found myself with a “new reality” 12 years ago. All I can say is one breath at a time and one moment at a time. Also, lean on the Lord. He helps us carry our burdens. God bless you all…

  236. rest in peace my brother. the light that got in was you.

  237. I can’t help tearing up at just the thought of Kristian Anderson and his beautiful family at how strong the love they have for each other. It is so sad that such a beautiful person is taken away like this, but it has been a pleasure and an honor to be able to share his story with him and so many others.. Thank you triple m for your kindness and compassion and for keeping us all up to date with Kristians condition.. My heart is filled with love and sadness at his passing and big hugs and love to you and your kids Rachael! How wonderful to have had a love like yours.. Some people go their whole lives not knowing real love like that.. RIP Kristian… Lots of love Toni xxx

  238. To Rachel,
    I do not know you, or Kristian. Having followed your journey I feel somehow the need to express my deepest sadness, for you and your boys. Kristian’s blog has touched so many, as seen by the comments here. I feel such sadness that he lost his fight. But also enormous sadness for you, as you have obviously lost an amazing partner. I am not a religious person, but I am glad you and Kristian have found peace in your faith. Please know that you are loved and thought of; as are the boys. I wish you peace and many wonderful memories of your family; the ones you have, and the ones you are sure to make. Sending you a warm hug from California.

  239. Dear Rachel & family,
    You are all in my thoughts & prayers. Thank you for posting Kristian’s last journal entry.

  240. “God saw you getting tired
    and a cure was not to be
    so he put his arms around you
    and whispered,
    “Come to Me”

    With tearful eyes we watched you
    and saw you pass away
    and although we love you dearly
    we could not make you stay.

    A Golden heart stopped beating
    hard working hands at rest.
    God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best”

    Your unwavering faith in God inspired me to rediscover mine. You taught me not to be jaded and angry with my circumstances and taught me to stop saying “why me?” and that “the cracks” are not really a bad thing….

    RIP Kristian, the light that shines twice as bright burns twice as fast
    Rachel, Cody, Jakob, My thoughts and prayers are with you ❤

  241. Today, I decided to google his name and see what he’s been up to and found out that he is now with Jesus. He has really allowed his light to shine. This is something we all Christians need to do so let this be an inspiration. 🙂
    Such a wonderful man who truly loved the Lord.

  242. I’m so sorry for your loss may The Lord be with you and help you through this difficult time. My thoughts are with you and your family. God Bless You. xxx

  243. RIP…..God bless you and your family….x

  244. Rest in Peace Kristian Anderson. Your battle is over and your pain is at an end. Thank you for the inspiration that you gave to so many people who watched the determination and courage of your fight, the awareness that you brought to people about your condition, and the joy that you brought to everyone who revelled in the beautiful love that you shared with you gorgeous wife and your beautiful children. May you rest forever in peace, and may they learn to find happiness someday without you. Never forget your fight and your love inspired the world ♥ ♥ ♥

  245. to Kristian, your story inspires, and serves in a way to sort the faithful from the weak. To your family- Kia Kaha.., take time to grieve, but not too long. be strong, give him reason every day to be proud.

    I wish I could help in some way…..

  246. i’m so very sorry to hear the devasting news that Kristian has passed over.there are no words to even begin to heal ypur pain but in time your beautiful boys will give you the strength to face each day rachel. also kristian
    will live on in each of your sons.
    my heartfelt sympathies from the U.K.

  247. I have just spent the last two hours reaading Kristians blogs and oh how for me it sounds so familiar. I live in the United Kingdom and on October 9th 2011 my husband passed away. He too had a marathon battle with bowel cancer and we as a family never once accepted this illness would take him, he had over 40 chemo sessions, and we had our highs and lows.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong.

  248. My heart goes out to Rachel,your beautiful boys and your family and friends. I followed Kristians blog and tweets from the start of your journey. My darling husband was diagnosed with the same cancer exactly six weeks before Kristian. Our journey paralleled yours and we found comfort in reading the treatment we had and feelings and experiences were the same. Unfortunately the love of my life also lost his battle six weeks and two days before Kristian. Rachel I feel your pain as I again feel my pain with your sad news. Sendind all my love to you, your family and friends at this sad time. Thank you for sharing your husband with us all.
    Gail xxxx

  249. RIP Kristian. Your courage and strength have taught me so much. I truly hope you are at peace now. My thoughts are with your family at this sad time. How lucky they were to have known and loved you.

  250. Dear Rachel. I send you much love and light and I will continue to do so each day. How brave you, Kristian, and your boys have been. My Mum, 58, lost her battle with bowel cancer last year, and I feel her around me every day, which brings me great comfort. Your Angel, Kristian, will always be by your side, each day and night, there alongside you and your two boys, helping to keep you all safe. What a beautiful man Kristian was. What a wonderful woman you are, Rachel. And what amazing little ones you have created together. All my love and warm light to you Rachel, and your family.
    Kind regards, Amy xoxox

  251. Rachel may you and your boys remember Kristian with the love and laughter we saw him display so openly for you. May god wrap you all in his arms. Thank you for allowing us to have shared a little of the man that was your world. We are all blessed to have had him touch us all.

  252. Kristian has been a light testifying to the true light that came into the world, his saviour, Jesus Christ. Praise God for his testimony.

  253. Rest easy in perfect peace Kristian. Rachel and family, my deepest heartfelt condolences. God bless

  254. Condolences to Rachel, Cody, Jakob and family. It is very sad to hear this news. Ive had the honour of knowing Kristian before he was diagnosed with cancer and regretfully only got to speak with him a few times in the last 24mnths while he was fighting it. He is a true inspiration.

    If you guys ever need anything, you are most welcome to come and see us at the restaurant.

    Kind Regards,
    Calvin & Beam (from The Thai And I)

  255. I watched his ‘birthday’ video with awe last year. His sons will grow up knowing how hard he fought to stay. May the Lord grant you, the boys and family members the strength to bear this loss. RIP KA, sleep well brave one. 😦

  256. I am so honestly very very sorry for your loss. Words cannot adequately express how sad I am for you, Rachel, and for your beautiful boys. I am so thankful for Kristian’s unselfish sharing with me since I found your video and the blog last Oct. 2010. You and he have increased my faith, gotten me through the loss of my dad to cancer on Dec.6, 2011, and reminded me daily how much I love my three boys. I know how sad I am about my dad and how daily my mom cries over him, so I have a bit of understanding of your pain. I also feel privileged to have journeyed with my dad during his fight, and I am grateful to God for having been there; I bet you feel the same way. Your family’s story is yours forever, and the love you all have for God and for each other is the constant bridge, the constant connection so that Kristian will never be gone, just in a form that makes your regular communication of human talking and listening a bit harder. But he’s there, right with you. I believe that. I send you all my love and a big, huge hug. With love and gratitude, Mary K. from New Jersey

  257. i can only imagine how it is for you to wake today to what you termed feeling devastated. i don’t think there was one of us following the path that kristian, you, cody and jakob have been on over the past many months that didn’t continue to hope for a miracle that would once again heal kristian, making him whole, well and able to remain here with you. sadly, for all of us, that was not part of His plan. i am certain that kristian is rejoicing today in the presence of the God he loved so deeply, and will prepare a heavenly home for the day he can be reunited with you, cody and jakob. in the meantime, though, there is sadness with the great loss of such a truly remarkable man…in faith, love, understanding, wisdom, character…to name only a few. his was a life that touched so many, in unbelievable ways. he truly did achieve the humble greatness he desired. i watched your wedding video again tonight, witnessing such happiness at that time, for you, kristian, your families and friends. so much love packed into never enough time. let those same people lift you up, love and strengthen you in each coming day. there is a quote that has helped me in these situations in the past: “when you are sorrowful, look in your heart, and you will see, that, in truth, you weep for that which has been your delight.” that most certainly is the case with kristian. a warm embrace, much love, and many prayers over many miles…to you, cody, jakob and your families. God bless!


  258. so long Kristian. i have been following you for only a little while, but i love how your heart beat for Christ, even to the last breath. i look foward to meeting you in our eternal home. my prayers go out to Rachel and the boys. God Bless You.

  259. I just finished reading the whole blog, from start to end. Thank you for all you shared… I’m so present to the love of people and how much we matter to each other. It reminds me that everyone has someone special in their life. I have alot of them, and from reading this, I’m going to take the time to remind them, and myself, more often.. Thank you xxxx

  260. Prayers of comfort…

  261. May his soul rest in peace……


  263. Dear Rachel, the lord has spoken to me several times today to stop and lift you up in prayer. I’m sure God is calling many others to intercede as well. You are never alone.

    Much love, Vicky

  264. Dear Rachel,

    My heart breaks for you, and rejoices with you…your beloved is with our Saviour, restored and alive in such a way that we who are on this side can only imagine. Please know this….Kristian is not so far from you, as he is with Jesus, and Jesus is the one holding you right now. Here is a beautiful song that makes me think of you and your story.

    The lines:
    “In Christ, there are no goodbyes, In Christ, there is no end, so I hold on to Jesus with all that I have to see you again, to see you again.” are a wonderful encouragement in this sad time.

    I am walking through this same valley with my husband and our 5 year old son. We are constantly praying for healing, and are comforted with the fact that healing will come…on this side of eternity or the other side is not for us to know right now, but we know that one day, we will be able to worship Jesus with perfect bodies…finally.

    My heart broke especially when I read Kristian’s Oct 19 entry. He said that Cody and Jacob will no father. I wish I could’ve met Kristian and told him that Cody and Jacob will ALWAYS have a father, who love them more than any other man on this planet….he just lives at a different address for now.

    My prayers are with you, sister. Be comforted by by the words of our Saviour in John 16:20. Jesus is counting your tears, holding your heart and filling you with peace and comfort. I imagine that He is planning YOUR welcome home party with Kristian, while they wait for you.


  265. RIP.

  266. Bless you and your family. X

  267. Rest in peace, dear Kristian. While it’s terribly sad, it’s also heart-warming to know that God called him to be by His side in a place where there’s no more suffering.
    May the family draw strength in each other and forge on in life with the same courage Kristian had.
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11)

  268. Rachel, Cody & Jakob – You must be so proud of Kristian’s courage and the positive way he has affected so many people. Will I ever achieve so much in my life? Will I ever be so brave? Will anyone ever hear my words and feel like I am speaking for them? I think so. I believe I’m stronger now than ever before because of your Kristian. Thank you for giving me this incredible strength to face anything. It feels so refreshing to know that it’s not about me…it’s about those I can manage to touch.

  269. RIP Kristian. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 12 days before you at 39 years of age. I hope you find peace. Life seems so unfair at times. I don’t drink or smoke and am not overweight and there is no family history so all I can say to everyone is know your body and check your poo!!

  270. Hey there, I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I too lost my father last Christmas to the same cancer…. Be strong and brave for your husband as that’s what he would of wanted… I know it’s hard but at least he is at peace now like my father!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  271. I have followed your blog from the time your video became public knowledge and I must say, I have laughed, cried and prayed through each post. Over Christmas, I prayed that you were pain free and happy to be with your family. You have, without intending to, reached and touched people from all over the world. I know that you understand the inpact you have had on people. I hope you realise how special you are.

    I will continue to pray for your family as time goes on. God bless you, Kristian xx

  272. RIP Kristian Anderson you have done more than you will ever know!

    Rachel, what an amazing beautiful man and my heart goes out to you and your boys.

    My husband was diagnosed with the same (stage 4 bowel cancer with mets liver inoperable) a week after Kristian – he too in his mid 30’s. Closely we followed (and lived) his journey through his unbelievably raw and honest blogs and he became like a close friend to us even though we never met.

    My husband is fighting on and we will be forever grateful for what Kristian gave to us. He gave a voice and a face to many young men and women with colon cancer and that will never ever be forgotten.

    Lots of love and a big hug projected your way from Trish & Paul of Adelaide xxx

  273. Love to the your family Rachel. Kristian has been used by God and paved a way. I am so sorry for your loss but I thank God that you have allowed this to show your love for each other and for our Saviour. May the Holy Spirit bring your family peace during this time. xxx

  274. Kristian, Rest in Peace. You have fought the great battle and now rests in the bosom of the Almighty God. You have truly made a difference in the lives of the many people that you have touched through your writings. Heaven has a new angel looking down at all human kind with his grace and compassion.
    Rachel, I wish you and your sons strength, courage and beauty as you carry on through life, always knowing that an angel walks beside you. A light will always illuminate your way…

  275. Kristian. Great last post. You will be missed, but you live on in your brilliant boys & in our hearts & memories. In a way, I am jealous of you, but obviously I haven’t received my ‘boarding pass’ for heaven just yet. See you soon, whenever that is.
    Our love & prayers to Rachel, Andy, Sandy, Jeremy & Bethany.
    Darren H. Perth WA.

  276. Rachel, Nothing I say or do can change whats happened. How I wish I could. Take strength in the knowledge that Kristian is no longer in pain or suffering and is at peace. I know he will be watching over you and the boys untl it is yor turn to join him.
    The brightest star in the universe will light your darkness.

  277. I would just like to pass my condolences to the whole Anderson family. Since learning of Kris’ untimely death yesterday, I sat down and have read the whole blog with a range of emotions coursing through me. I am sad that I only learned who he was after he left us so that I could not let him know how much he has done for me and so many others through this blog.

    Kris cast doubt at one stage that he had an impact with what he was doing. Loath though I am to disagree with him, it is obvious that he has had a profound impact on everyone who has bothered to read and leave a reply to his blogs, to those who watched the beautiful and imaginative birthday video (and others), and in future to those who will benefit from his campaigning.

    It will be a long time before I forget the eloquence of his words in this blog, his unerring love for his family and the power of his relationship with God, someone in whom he has absolute trust.

    Whether or not our lives are affected by this most pernicious disease, Kris’ legacy will reach out to many known and unknown people around him for years to come. His personal fight may have ceased, but his spirit fights on for all of those who seek help with their own battles.

    God bless you and your loved ones, Kristian, and sleep well.

  278. My friend died of the same illness. He also died at the age of 36 and had two children, aged one and three. Such a similar story. The difference was that my friend had only six short months. How brave and giving of Kristian to share his personal story and touch unknown hundreds of thousands… To be able spread awareness to this extent of a disease that kills too many too young is a miracle in itself. Tragic that it came at such a cost, but Kristian’s life was not in vain. Love to Rachel Cody & Jakob.

  279. Sending our sincerest sympathies. So sad that such a young family should lose a husband and father. Although kristian is no longer on earth, he will look after his beautiful wife and boys from heaven. Our prayers are with you. RIP kristian

  280. i am so so sorry for your loss. I read the blog every day and every day i hoped kristian is alive. But now……he is dead. I hope everyday it will be better for you and your kids. He was a great guy and i am sooooo sorry. I am from germany but in the minutes i am beside you.


  281. Dear Rachel.
    This morning I went to bed at 2:30am reading the journey that Kristian and your entire family went through and I felt the power of his words and his strength to fight for the love of his life ( You and your beautiful boys). He opened my eyes to what really matter in life. Your courage, support and your love for Kristian is so beautiful and admirable. Your love will always be alive because when you need courage you just have to close your eyes and listen to Kristians voice. He might not be here in person but he will always be in your hearts guiding you,Coy and Jakob for the rest of your lives. He is an angel who will be looking after you and the people he loved.

  282. Rachel, as someone who has suffered the pain of saying good bye to my wife after a long battle with cancer and having to care for a little girl who could not understand why god would take her mum away. I can only offer you this tiny bit of hope. Kristian’s battle has left many in the world amazed at not only his strength and courage but of yours. Take every day at your pace and embrace the love and support you have from those closest to you. After 7 years the loss is still there but I am strengthened by the thought of being lucky to have had my beautiful wife in my life for 11 years. For that I am truely lucky and without her I would not have the beautiful daughter I have been blessed with that reminds every day of how lucky I really am. Kristian has left a great footprint on this world that will be seen for many years to come.


  283. Although I have never met you, I think of you and your family often. You are more couragious than you know and have inspired people all over the world. I hope you have found peace and that your family can take solice in what you have achieved in life. You continue to be in my prayers.

    You will be forever missed.

    Ontario, Canada

  284. Rest in peace Kristian and may you all, Rachel, Cody and Jakob, be blessed and healed by God’s light. Davide

  285. I’ve just learned of Kristian’s website and I can only say that it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to read. In fact, I can’t bring myself to read it all.. Not now anyway.
    Thinking of you and the Boys Rachel, Your husband is amazing. In his pain and suffering, he could still reach out to millions around the globe.

    I know God holds you in the palm of his hand. I know Kristian is free of his earthly body and your time apart is only momentary in the scheme of eternity. God Bless you and your boys.


    Perth WA.

  286. Good bye.

    Dear Rachel,Cody and Jakob we are better people for getting to “know” your husband and dad.

    thank you

    Ev x

  287. Dear Rachel, Cody and Jakob. Please know that there are people on the other side of the world who you have never met yet who are rooting for you, wishing you well, and sending you love. My family is sending you ship loads of white light, strength, solidarity and hope.

  288. My Sincere condolences Rachel, Jacob and Cody.
    Thank you for blessing us with your family’s journey, we are all better people from it.
    Rest in peace Kristian, may we all have the stregth of character that you had.
    May the days ahead be filled with loved ones and the fond memories that will last a lifetime.
    Jody. Toronto, canada.

  289. I have seen the hand of God in Kristian’s postings, and in the world’s response. Thank you to a marvelous family for letting your light shine into a world filled with brokeness. Kristian’s journey of Faith is both humbling and inspiring. Rachel, wishing you the comfort of family, and the strength of abiding Faith. Sending Love and Prayers – Joanne

  290. R.I.P 😦

  291. I wish I could have met you before God called you back to Him but you will never be forgotten by anyone who knew of you. God bless and comfort you Rachel Jakob and Kody and give you strength at this time. May you find peace in the knowledge that thousands of people regognised how special Kristian was. I wish the miracle could have happened but Kristian’s life was the true miracle.God keep you all your lives.

  292. […] Just wonderful.” (The Final Call) […]

  293. Kristian taught us all a lot during his journey. I’m sorry that his family didn’t have more time with him. My heart goes out to all of you. You are in my thoughts & prayers.

  294. RIP Kristian. My heart breaks for Rachel, Jacob and Cody.

    “They say love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.” William Penn

  295. I had not heard of Kristian before today. But I was so saddened by the news in the paper, that I watched your birthday video and found my way here. I am struck by his striking presence and the beauty of your family. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you and your children can find peace.
    Coincidentally, I have the words “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” tattooed on my back in memory of a baby I was unable to carry. In future I will no doubt think of you all when I look at it.
    Big Pats Creek

  296. To Rachel,i was very saddened to hear off Kristians passing.I understand what you are going through as i lost my husband to brain cancer in May 2011 after an 18 month battle with this horrible disease.At his time of diagnosis i was pregnant with our 4th child,fortunately he was able to see his birth and also his 1st birthday,not long after that he closed his eyes for the last time and went to Heaven.My heart goes out to you and your boys,but Kristian is no longer sufferring and is now at peace.I wish you and your boys all the love and happiness for the future.

  297. The Anderson’s life story has touched so many – it has both our biggest fear (the premature loss of loved ones) and our greatest hope (true love and faith). The love in your family is palpable, even for those of us who have never met you.

    Rachel, Cody, Jakob and to all your family – we are so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Kristian with the world. We have lost one of the greatest teachers we will ever have.

  298. Thinking of you all so much Rachel as you face ‘your new reality’ without your beloved Kristian in person. (I’m sure he continues to be with you in spirit), Praying that you have lots of support and comfort from family and close friends (as I’m sure you have) as you prepare in this Sydney heat for Kristian’s Celebration service on Friday at C3. It’s incredible the impact Kristian has had on so many around the world faith-wise, but also health-wise as he has used his suffering to help others who may also be unfortunate to fight the same same issues as he has. God has used him mightily, as he has you. All this of course doesn’t make it any easier as you must miss him so much! Our own journey with our severely disabled daughter has also prompted many questions, but we can see how God has ‘used’ our situation to reach out and touch so many lives! We don’t have the answers but God’s plan is perfect. Will be praying for you all, especially on Friday – and our prayers will continue after as you adjust to life without Kristian. Hoping you and the boys can get a break away somewhere together – you must be SO needing it! love and blessings to you all, xxxx

  299. I am so sad to hear of Kristian’s passing but am amazed by his strength right up to the end. Please accept my condolence’s for your loss. I have been very blessed to have known Kristian throughout this journey since I saw him on the Oprah show. He taught me so many things through his blog.

    Sympathies from South River, Ontario, Canada to Rachel, Cody, Jakob and your entire family….xoxo

  300. Please accept our family’s heartfelt condolences. We fell in love with all of you when we watched the remarkable video Kristian prepared. Godspeed.

  301. im devastated by the final call but relieved that you all get to finally move on.
    it will be the most challenging time of your lives, but know that the light will get in. sending all my love and energy to you and your family at this sad time.
    kat – kerikeri, nz

  302. I am so sorry for the loss of Kristian. It brought tears to my eyes to learn of his passing. Knowing his relationship with the Lord, he is in the arms of Jesus now. and knowing what it takes to get there, all who follow will see him again.
    I can’t lie and say he is looking down and watching…that wouldn’t be “heaven” for him to know you are in pain. The Lord said when we get there, He will dry all our tears and there will be no more pain.
    We all walk this path ultimately alone, holing onto Jesus Hand.It is only with our own beliefs and actions that we face the Lord, one on one.
    Knowing that Kristian was looking in the Lord’s eyes just as he gave his final breath has got to be the ultimate peace for you, that the love of your life is safe, pain free and happy in the arms of his Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    Rest in peace Kristian, Rachel, may the Lord be with you, the Holy Spirit comfort both you and the boys, and may He guide your every step until you are once again together in the Master’s Kingdom.
    All those who see and know the truth can look around the world, see what is happening and know that Jesus is soon to come for His bride.
    Kristian left a beautiful legacy for his children. He left an example for many of us. God bless and keep you and the boys Rachel.

  303. God Speed Kristian, you are in peace now watching your family always

  304. My heart is saddened by the loss of Kristian, however I’m overjoyed that he is no longer in pain and has met his Saviour face to face. He has and will countiue to touch lives with his story. Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey and I pray that Rachel and the boys will be blessed throughout their lives until they are reunited with the love of their lives! I will always be thinking of ya’ll.

  305. … don’t know what to say … i wish you all the best.

  306. Unul dintre ziarele din Romania tocmai a postat o stire despre voi doi.

    Toti romanii care au citit-o, au fost emotionati pana la lacrimi.

    Nu stiu ce pot sa-ti spun acum, cand ai ramas fara jumatatea sufletului tau, dar iti scriu cu lacrimi in ochi ca iti multumesc eu, o necunoscuta, pentru ca ti-ai ajutat sotul cu toate puterile tale si nu l-ai parasit in cea mai disperata perioada a vietii lui!

    Dumnezeu sa-ti dea putere sa-ti cresti copiii si sa iti mai ia din durerea si jalea care iti rup inima in doua.

    Cu multa afectiune,


    Bucuresti, Romania

  307. I am so moved by Kristian’s love for his family. I am so sorry you have lost him, a husband and father to be very very proud of. I am making my beautiful husband go for a medical, just in case. Kristian has left this world a better place.

  308. To Rachel, the woman who inspired the most beautiful love letter I have ever witnessed, my thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight. I was captivated by your video from the moment I saw it. What an incredible love story. Thank you for reminding me that as a wife, I can be a source of strength to my husband, and love can grow deeper even when times are hard. I am so deeply sorry that you have physically lost your husband, but may his love stay with you forever.

  309. Dear Rachel, Cody & Jakob, praying that you will be strong, and I know that Kristian watches over you from Heaven, alongside with our Father in Heaven. I may not know him personally, but just from reading this blog, I know he has lived a full life.

    Dear Kristian, thank you for your sincerity, your honesty, your courage and your faith, and see you later.

    God bless,
    From Singapore

  310. Kristian – Rest in Peace. What a true warrior you were, what a spirit, what courage you displayed. Dear Rachel and the boys, I am so very sorry for your loss. I pray that God will help you and give you the strength to keep going and makes each day a little bit easier for you all. I was so sad when I heard about his death on the news and went to watch the the video again, which brought me to his blog. I have spent the last two days reading it and all the comments, and it has certainly left a big impression on my soul. Kristian was truly inspirational, he loved you and the boys and he loved life, that was very clear from the blogs and I have no doubt that he is sitting next to Jesus and watching you and the boys from heaven. He LOVES YOU ALL!

  311. I am sad for the family, not that they have lost him forever, but that there will be a lifetime until they will be reunited. There will be times when Kristian will wish to be there physically to comfort his family but I am sure that God shall comfort them through answering his family’s prayers. But fortunately for them Kristian will no longer be in any pain but in eternal happiness as he has been reunited with his Saviour — Jesus Christ.

    His children and his wife are blessed to have such a strong Christian man in their family, and one that did not shy away from talking about the Truth of our Lord Jesus with charismatic leadership.

    Let’s keep the family in our prayers and for the children to become great Christians like their parents — it is very rare for the media to pay attention to Christians in such a positive light. I commit the sin of envy every time I see and hear about such model Christian families.

    I am not fortunate to be in such position to have many Christians in my family and I constantly pray for them to see and follow this light too. It brings me great pain not knowing about their final spiritual destination and they are still living. Kristian may have left, but his final home is known: Heaven. I hope Rachel will be comforted knowing with certainty that Kristian is not just ‘in a better place’, as they say, but at the best place there can ever be.

    God bless the Anderson family and any other families going through similar difficulties.

  312. God will always be there no matter what.
    Rest easy Kristian.
    Kia kaha! ❤

  313. Rachel … my thoughts are with you and the boys. I am sure that if you could reach up and hold a star for every time Kristian made you smile you would have the entire evening sky in your hand. Remember those moments. Love Heather Willamson

  314. Am so saddened to hear of Kristian’s passing, a man I never knew personally but who has touched me greatly with his courage, strength and unwavering faith. Your beautiful family will miss you so deeply may the wonderful memories you have shared shine through in your darkest hour and bring a warmth to your heart.

  315. Thank you for sharing your amazing strength and love with us.
    God has blessed us with your light.

  316. “Daddy’s Concert”, Kristian’s service will be webcast live today at 10:20am . Please join Rachel, Cody and Jakob in celebrating Kristian’s all too short life.

  317. Hi Rach, the day has arrived….
    I woke up this morning and God layed this scripture on my heart for you.

    Lamentations 3:22-25
    ‘Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassion’s fail not, They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, says my soul, Therefore I hope in Him! The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him.

    With much love and tears,

  318. I am thinking of you beautiful family at this sad time and know they are soo very proud of what an amazing person you are x

  319. Rachel what a tremendous, wonderful woman, mother and wife you are !! You gave Kristian joy, love, happiness, and dignity. How well you cared for him and we thank-you too for sharing your darling man with us. This must have been a very difficult journey for you……we honour you as you are a beacon of Light too !
    Thank you for all you have done for your family and the world xxxxx

  320. RIP in peace Kristian. You are an inspirational soul who cherished and loved his family to your dying moments. This world needs more wonderful souls like you. You will be in our prayers. Your soul is at peace now. Your wife and children will cherish the memories they have off you and you have made me cherish my wife and kids more.

  321. Once again I thank you – what an amazing memorial service and how strong and brave your wife, family and friends are.

  322. Thinking of you all, Kristian’s video tribute brought joy to many people. What a talent he had.

  323. What an incredible tribute, four unbelievable moving eulogies. What a life and what an incredible cirlce of family, friends and co workers. Words fail me. Sending again much love from London xxx

  324. Hi Rachel,Cody and Jakob,
    What a beautiful way to send your husband/father on his way to Glory today at church, I was so proud to have know Kristian since a young man but to see his legacy that he left for all of us, left me in tears and to see the wonderful wife he has and such beautiful children he has thru you left some light behind just to remind us that he is still here thru you.
    Gods Richest Blessing Always
    Trevor & Charmaine Turner (Perth)

  325. Hi Rachel,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have just watched the service online from England, I wouldn’t have missed it. Kris was clearly the most inspirational & gifted person, & you are so incredibly strong. I have followed your story for so long and I have always thought Kris would be granted a miracle, he had so much to live for & was such a good person. My grandfather was a devoted Christian, and he passed away in 2011. In the days before his passing, the times he was most comforted & at peace, were when his minister prayed for him and reminded him that he was going to go home to be with God, and with my Nan who passed away in 2010. Since this time, God has been in my thoughts, knowing how at peace Grandad was as a result of his unfailing belief has made me think about it every single day, wondering if I could ever share in this unquestionable faith. Your words in your eulogy made my heart skip a beat. I have recently wondered, and now I feel as though I really believe that things do not happen by chance, I think you and Kristian have been in my thoughts so often for a reason. I prayed the prayer tonight, so thank you for reaching out. Only such a selfless person could reach out to benefit others, at a time of experiencing the most unfathomable grief. It may be the smallest positive you can draw out of this heart breaking situation, but I want you to know you have both made a difference in my life, and I will never forget. May you and your beautiful boys feel Kristian’s & God’s presence in the coming weeks, months & years. Take care beautiful, rest in peace Kristian XXX

  326. To all of Kristian’s family and friends… the first I heard of him was the day he died. I found this blog and am reading from the beginning and being so amazed and inspired by his strength of faith and love for his family. May you also find comfort in Christ and each other at this time.

    I’d love to see this blog produced as a book to reach out to and inspire even more people … proceeds to support yourselves or to support bowel cancer research. You may not be ready to consider something like that yet in these early days after his passing… but just an idea.

    May God wrap you in his arms and give you peace. 🙂

  327. Thank you so much for sharing such a private time as Kristian’s memorial service with us all. I found him to be such an unbelivable inspiration and feel so blessed to be part of such a beautiful tribute. God bless all of you:)

  328. Ever since I discovered this blog through a friend, I’ve followed along with Kristian in his faith journey. Now it has been completed, and I’m sure our Heavenly Father has welcomed Kristian with open arms. Although we are saddened by his passing, knowing that his pain and suffering has been put to an end also comes as a blessed relief. Our earnest prayers are for you, Rachel, and the boys, that you will find yourself comforted by God’s loving arms in the form of loved ones and friends, and that you will be strengthened in the years to come, in the knowledge that God is always with you. God bless you all.

  329. RIP Kristian! My thoughts and prayers go to Rachel, Cody and Jakob.
    God bless, Herman (Cherrybrook, NSW),

  330. I didn’t know or get to meet you but the way you have been so honest and open about your cancer has been an inspiration! I have a wife and 2 little boys who I love more than my own life. I lost my Dad a year ago to the same cancer that you suffered and knew another 37 year old who fought the same battle…I miss my Dad everyday as I know your beautiful wife and boys will miss you – they will remember you and you will live on in them…I have faith too but struggle with the fact your faith and desperate prayers and cries to God for healing seem to go unanswered – the bible and history is full of God’s healing breath – why didn’t he save you, Rachel and the boys from this horrible pain? I guess I’ll never understand but I do hope your courage rubs off on me

  331. So many around the world are sharing your family’s pain. Our love and prayers are with you. “Ah Hope! What would life be, striped of they encouraging smiles, tha teach us to look behind the dark clouds of today, for the golden beams that are to gild the morrow”.

  332. Hello Rachel, I have been saddened by the news of Kristian’s illness and death. You don’t know me but I knew Kristian when his family lived at Greystanes. He played with my children and I worked with his mother Sandra. Would you please pass on my condolances to her. I learned of Kristian’s illness last year when I was myself having chemo after removal of a cancerous bowel tumour. Both my parents died of it but it seems that I am to survive. The tests are vital when it is in the family. Thinking of you all at this difficult time.

  333. Simply inspirational. Rest in peace Kristian.

  334. Aroha Nui Anderson family. He manaakitanga a whanau na te Atua.

  335. A truly beautiful eulogy given by Rachel today, what a blessing for her to have known a man like Kristian, and to have shared the intimacy of marriage and parenting. And though his gorgeous children will miss his physical presence, they will know their father was a man of joy, a man of solid character and that he was greatly loved by family and friends.

    Am hopeful that no expectations will be put on your grieving process Rachel, it is not a linear experience…. there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to grieve the loss of your partner.

    I wish you peace.

  336. I am crying tears of joy that the Lord says to us “Trust in the Lord Your God”, and that God saw fit to take Kristian home to Him on the day of our Lord’s Birth, what an honour. Thank You for showing us that to die in Christ is not vain.

  337. To my sister Rachel, the joy of your love, the anguish of your sorrow, the blessing of your boys…Kristian was right, he lives in your heart. In my 4 years of being widowed young with a child, I have learned that God is good all the time and that sometimes just breathing is all we need to do. Much Love to you. I know He holds you in the palm of His hand, because He showed me. Xxx

  338. This story has truely touched my heart. It makes me very sad, may he rest in peace&bring angels out to his teo children as they grow older because every second they grow is a moment as he looks down on them to guide them through life. Many may think his two children will live life without theif father, but they wont he will always be here no matter what. Rest in peace and stay safe! See you soon.

  339. Dear Rachel. I am so sorry for your loss and for your boys as well. I was widowed 3 years ago and I do know about how you are feeling right now. I understand what it is to be a caregiver for a loved one who has a terminal illness. Know that you are strong person – you made it through the illness. Now that Kristian has gone, you will be lost to know what to do. It takes a lot of time. Give yourself that and know that as time passes, you will eventually be able to talk about all of the good times you had with Kristian without the pain you feel now. I realize it’s early days and you probably feel like you won’t ever get through it but you will. I hope that some day there is a cure for this horrible decease and that others won’t have to endure this at such a young age. I pray that you and your boys will find peace with the fact that Kristian no longer suffers.

  340. I am so sorry. I am crying just now.

    God bless you all.

  341. […] Hoy he ido a leer alguna nueva entrada en su blog y me he encontrado con esto:  “La llamada final” […]

  342. I am sorry for your loss. I have never until this day had read the blogs. It has touched like so many befor me all our hearts.

    Kristian is with our Lord, know that he will be with every step of the way.

    In God We Trust


  343. God bless u two. My sincere regrets. Excuse my English. Im glad you two knew true love. Thats something everyone is looking for… You foubf it and lived short for it, but you ve got a treasure, you path is blessed. Im happy you found the ultimate gift.

  344. My sincerest condolences to Rachel , Cody & Jakob. I have celebrated Kristian’s life and honoured his impact on me in my blog xo

  345. Siento mucho su perdida, yo pase por algo similar por la muerte de mi Madre y es insoportable.
    Dios les ha de dar el valor y la fortaleza para seguir adelante, un hombre maravilloso y valiente.

  346. God rest your soul. My thoughts are with your wife & two sons.

  347. I’m so glad Kristian is no longer in pain and has found peace. Rachel, I am praying and will continue to pray for you and your boys. Stay strong.

  348. My Sincere condolences Rachel, Jacob and Cody.

    Erick Castro
    Cuernavaca, México

  349. Kristian….Just look at all you’ve done. All you’ve brought together. Rest peacefully dear Kristian. You have accomplished so much. Watch over those you love now. They will never be without you. Love to Rachel, Cody and Jakob

  350. Thank you for sharing what is truly important with us. Your blog will help others to love better. That is a wonderful gift to leave the world with.

    God, give Rachel and the boys strength to get through these hard times.

  351. Light, Love and Peace to all of you.

  352. Very sorry for your loss. RIP

  353. This is simultaneously tragic and beautiful. I cry for your family and community. While my heart breaks for everyone left behind yet, I rejoice for Kristian in that he is free of pain and suffering and can now protect his loved ones from Heaven. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world and for teaching so many of us that love and faith are paramount.

  354. Dear Rachel,
    Wow, so many comments for you to sift through! I just wanted to send a message to you to say this story resonates with me because my brother passed away suddenly in March last year. He was 41 and his heart stopped suddenly when he was out for a run. He left behind his wife and three small daughters under 5. It’s just such a tragedy! But I wanted to tell you about Grief Share. There are daily devotionals and also a course. My sister-in-law says they are soo helpful.
    Love Dot

  355. Rachel, Jacob y Cody……..

    Con la partida de Kristian el cielo ya tiene una nueva estrella……
    Que DIOS los bendiga y les de la fortaleza para que el recuerdo
    de Kristian los aníme siempre….

    Un abrazo sincero…..Arturo

  356. Repose en paix Kristian…

  357. My heart goes out to kristians family and friends.. I just read this entire blog from start to finish and i pretty much cried in most of the posts.. I cant start to imagine what he went through.. His way with words was amazing! Sending you all a hug…

  358. Words simply cannot express the loss of such a beautiful person. Kristian, your simple message of love to your wife, inspired the world. Your memory will continue to inspire and your enduring love will blanket your family. Many of us wonder whether we will leave a mark on this world, be assured, you have left a blinking neon sign! RIP.

  359. Dear Rachel

    I came across Kristian’s blog after he had passed on. What an amazing story of inspiration, truth and last but not at all least, love. I read nearly non stop through his posts, crying with him, rejoicing with him and learning from him about what matters in life.

    I feel that my own faith has been strengthened through Kristian’s words. I can only pray that when my time comes I can hold strong to my own love and trust in God as Kristian did. It’s when the going gets tough will faith be tested. Kristian’s inspiration came from his unwavering faith.God has done some amazing work through his life and will continue to do so.

    My heart goes out to you and your two boys. I will pray that God will give you, Cody and Jakob comfort through your time of grief. Sending lots of love from one mother to another.

    May God bless you

    Love Sherry

  360. I was so saddened to hear of Kristian’s passing. I totally understand the pain and sadness you must feel. My mom has been battling pancreatic cancer for 3.5 yrs. The cancer metastasized to her lungs 1.5 years ago. She was receiving continuous chemotherapy until February of 2011 when she was hospitalized with kidney failure. The chemo had to stop. We were so blessed to have just spent another Christmas holiday with our mother and grandmother. Only God knows what the plan is for this coming year. May God continue to bless and watch over you and your boys. Thankfully through modern technology, your boys will be able to keep their dad alive through photography and videography. You truly were all so blessed to have had a husband and father like Kristian, even for just a short time. Sadly some never know the wonderful joy of having an incredible person like that in life at all. Keeping you and the boys in my prayers and embracing you all with love from Canada. God Bless- Sandy Henderson

  361. I was watching Oprah last night and saw the story of a man, just a few years older than me, and his wife and children and his journey with cancer… I was moved to tears… I opened up youtube immediately to watch the exquisitely touching and breathtaking video love letter that Kristian made for his Rachel… And then I read the comments and broke down again… So devastated to learn that Kristian had passed…. A man I never met and until 20 minutes before had never heard of, and I sat there crying at my home computer as though I had just lost a great friend… When my soon-to-be husband came home I grabbed him tightly and held on as long as I could… That is the gift that Kristian leaves for the world… His video, his stories, his journey will make all who know of him and them stop and hold on to the person they love most for as long as they can… How beautiful… Thank you Kristian in heaven for sharing your story…

  362. awww such beautiful people…i was watching the video today and was hoping he was doing better. but he is now with the Lord. I thank God for his life.well its a blessing to know he is a Christian and me being a Christian myself knows how much that means. One day we will all see him again. May the Lord continue to bless you and urs.

    -a loving sister in Christ

  363. […] video for his wife of seven years, Rachel, as a birthday present and a thank you for her support. Kristian went to Heaven on 2nd of January 2012, just after 8AM at Manly Hospital. God bless him and keep his family in your […]

  364. Rachel, I followed Kristian’s blog and only realised today that he had died.
    I live in a different continent, a different situation but I know and love the same God. I recognised this common faith instantly in Kristian’s writing, which encouraged me in my own faith. I am proud that he was my brother in Christ despite never having met him.
    He would have prayed for you so much before he died, perhaps that the church, the body of Christ would help you. I hope these comments and those of so many others will help in some small way over the coming months and years.

    You and your boys are in my prayers.


  365. […] has gone viral again with news of Kristian’s death earlier this month. His wife Rachel posted his touching final blog post the day he […]

  366. Im so sorry Rachel… my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your adorable boys.

  367. I am extremely sorry for your loss. I just came acrosst he video your husband made for your birthday and then stumbled upon this blog. No one will ever understand why things happen and why special people are taken away from us. I hope you will all find peace in your lives and know that he is with you always looking down and will always be there for you. God BLESS you and your family and RIP Kristian

  368. In Heaven Now by Clayton L Sanders Jan 21, 2012

    In Heaven now, his divine spirit sings,
    At peacful rest, each angel brings,
    At the right hand, of the allmighty lord,
    In love with the Goddess he adored,

    I know the love, for you he carried,
    As a man in love, soon to be married,
    With the same abundant love in my heart,
    Now weeping that you both had to part,

    Don’t cry Goddess, you’re not alone,
    Into a wonder, your love had grown,
    Into something few, ever get to see,
    Like the love between, Angie and me,

    As Kristian looks down, from blue skies,
    His love lives on, in your childrens eyes,
    My heart hears him, leading my fingers,
    Writng words of how, his love ever lingers,

    So few know love, even less ever show it,
    It passes them by, they don’t even know it,
    He loved you in ways, beyond any measure,
    Leaving beautiful boys for you to treasure,

    So smile, be happy, he’s not truly gone,
    In each of your boys, his love lives on,
    Into men amazing each will then grow,
    With a fathers love to share and bestow,

    Making Kristian smile from upon his cloud,
    Beaming with the love, of a father proud,
    Both boys will grow and one day marry,,
    Armed with the strength of love they carry,

    In Heaven high, times hand stands still,
    Kristian awaits atop heavens highest hill,
    Bonded to your soul, in loves sacred vow,
    As he awaits his Goddess in Heaven now.

  369. We are so very sorry for you loss. We have followed Kris’ blog for quite awhile now and have kept you all in our prayers daily. It breaks my heart to know that he is gone but am warmed that he is no longer in pain and is home with Jesus. We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for sharing your story with us. God bless you and keep you always.

  370. Eloquent, Beautiful. A heartfelt gift for Rachel from Clayton.
    Rachel. ..Thinking of you and Cody and Jakob …
    With love, Trish R (Little Soul M)

  371. Lifting you in prayer; I cannot find the appropriate words to describe how Kristian’s light impacted the world. His light will continue to shine through his global family. Peace and beautiful memories be with you.


  372. Rachel, I hope you are still reading the comments. I followed Kristian’s blog from the beginning and consider it a precious gift. A few weeks ago I set aside a Sunday morning to watch the memorial service; it was beautiful and powerful. But when Kristian’s brother mentioned the “lame Stevie Ray Vaughan licks” my tears flowed – I live in Austin and walk past Stevie Ray’s statue almost every day. I’ll forever think of Kristian now when I pass Stevie Ray with “The Sky is Crying” on the iPod. My love to you and your beautiful Cody and Jacob, and my prayers that you have peace.

  373. Hi Rachel…I am praying for you, yours and Kristian’s beautiful boys and your family. Words are so inadequate at this time, especially as time goes by, and life moves forward. My heart breaks for your loss, and rejoices in the fact that I, too, will get to meet Kristian in heaven. It is with a certain amount of peace that I know that Kristian is resting safely, pain free and so very loved in the arms of Jesus–though nothing can take his place or make up for his absence on this earth for you, Cody and Jakob…please know you all are being lifted up to the same Jesus that is holding your precious husband and daddy.

  374. Hello Rachel, I would just like to give you feedback, I’ve just finished reading the book ‘Days Like These’. I want you to know how pleased I am that you followed through and had the book published. I purchased the book over the internet and when it arrived, I held it to my chest and could instantly feel that it had been written with love. I have cried many times while reading for what Kristian had to endure. He is by far the strongest and most courageous man I have ever heard of. He suffered so much, but was so lucky he had you and the boys by his side. I pray for you Rachel, Cody and Jakob, every night when I’m saying my prayers before bed, as I did for Kristian. I myself went through a bad time in 2008 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, lucky for me it was benign, but still had to go through the process of brain surgery and radiation therapy, where I lost some of my hair too. Today I am doing quite well, although I suffer terrible headaches on most days. I wish you and the boys the very very best for your future, and would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to read such an amazing book. God Bless you, and much love. xxx

  375. I’ve just finished Kristian’s book and wanted to send you love from your Native New Zealand. It’s difficult to understand & believe, but no one ever dies, like Jesus never died, the essence that is Kristian lives on in this mysterious realm we call ‘heaven’ or another dimension as I choose to think of it and you will be with him again for all eternity. Hugs
    Lynda, Whitianga, NZ

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